Here's What Makes Tomato Rice The Delicacy It Is And How To Make It

Tomato rice is one of the many delicious dishes of Indian cuisine that is popular all over the country. Found in different versions across the country, a good tomato rice recipe is a joy to taste and equally easy to make. Read on as we decode this delicacy and explore an easy way around a delicious tomato rice recipe.

Published On Dec 14, 2023 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


Tomato rice is a popular dish found in various versions across India. This flavorful delicacy is enjoyed in different forms, with variations reflecting regional tastes. The dish is appreciated for its simplicity and the availability of common tomato rice ingredients. While some versions of tomato rice in South India tend to be spicy, there are also milder versions found in other parts of the country.

In the southern states, you might encounter a spicy tomato rice recipe, while regions in the north and other areas may offer a less spicy variation. Regardless of the level of heat, tomato rice is a delightful dish that captures the essence of Indian cuisine. Whether you opt for a spicier or milder tomato rice recipe, you're sure to create a winning dish that will impress your friends and family with your culinary skills. Give it a try the next time you want to explore something different in your kitchen.


Thakkali Sadam is a classic and popular tomato rice recipe that has stood the test of time. Hailing from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and other surrounding regions, this dish is known for its quick preparation and rich flavour profile. The recipe involves combining pre-boiled rice with a blend of spices, curry leaves, tomato paste, and a touch of chana dal or a similar lentil. Widely appreciated for its tangy and spicy notes, Thakkali Sadam has become a beloved favourite among people across India, especially those who enjoy a bit of heat in their dishes.

The world of tomato rice recipes extends beyond Thakkali Sadam, showcasing the diversity and richness of Indian cuisine. From the northern parts of India, you can relish a comforting bowl of tomato pulao, while in Karnataka, the delightful tomato bath is a culinary gem. What unites these recipes for tomato rice is their universal appeal—they are not only incredibly delicious but also boast ease of preparation. Whether it's Thakkali Sadam or tomato pulao, the magic lies in the perfect balance of spicy, salty, tangy, and other flavours that make these recipes for tomato rice a perennial favourite.


Tomato pulao, a variant of tomato rice, is a beloved dish, particularly prevalent in the northern states of India. It offers a warm and hearty experience, making it the epitome of comfort food. The convenience of preparing tomato rice made in a rice cooker, adds to its popularity. Unlike the drier consistency of South Indian tomato rice, tomato pulao is known for its moist texture. Served alongside pickle, yoghurt, and papad, this simple yet flavorful dish has earned a special place among locals and anyone who craves a delightful and comforting meal.

Tomato bath is indeed a delightful and popular recipe for tomato rice from Karnataka. Its simplicity and the convenience of being a one-pot dish make it a go-to option for those looking to prepare a quick and flavorful meal. With readily available ingredients like rice, tomatoes, onions, spices, coconut, and aromatic herbs, the preparation becomes a breeze. The method involves sautéing, creating a paste with the ingredients, adding raw rice, and allowing it to cook. In about thirty minutes, you'll have a delicious Karnataka-style tomato bath ready to be enjoyed. It's a perfect choice when you want a tasty dish without spending too much time in the kitchen.

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