Famous Restaurants In Pune That Serve The Best Thali

Indulge in Pune's culinary delights at renowned restaurants offering the finest thali experiences, a symphony of flavors awaits.

Published On Jan 02, 2024 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Across the varied culture and religions that the diverse city of Pune blends with its secular population, the legendary Indian Thali continues to be the timeless gem that bears witness to its rich culinary legacy. More than just a meal thali in Pune is a sensory immersion, a mosaic of local specialties carefully arranged onto a single platter, in an explosion of flavours that whirl across your palate.

Pune's culinary scene lies in an exquisite array of restaurants, each weaving a tale of flavour and tradition through their unparalleled thalis. The queen of deccan that embraces food as an art form, these distinguished establishments stand as ambassadors of culinary excellence. Join us on an expedition as we uncover the nuances of Pune's most celebrated thali experiences.

Shreyas Dining/Facebook

Amidst the city centre Shreyas Dining is a culinary haven where tradition and innovation coexist. Established in 1966, they have gained acclaim for their delectable vegetarian offerings, with a particular highlight on the Marathi vegetarian thalis that are sure to tantalise your taste buds. The dining ambiance mirrors a welcoming cosiness, attracting both locals and visitors alike. 

The service is characterised by its promptness, and the staff exudes politeness. Furthermore, their tiffin service presents an array of choices, including the special and economy tiffins. Priced at Rs 190, the special tiffin stands out as a culinary delight, encompassing two side dishes, three chapatis, rice, a curry and vegetable dish, salad, and a sweet treat.

Durvankar/ Facebook

The culinary maestros here elevate the traditional thali experience, infusing it with gourmet finesse. Although Durvankar may not have had the most opulent surroundings, we can guarantee you that it is a place we wholeheartedly recommend for the foodies. This restaurant in Pune draws large crowds of customers every day despite its unpretentious setting. It has many specials and is well-known for its delicious Maharashtrian food. Shrikhand and Dahi Vada are two of the restaurant's most well-liked dishes. The most recommended dishes are  Khichdi and Kadhi. Customers frequently order the Aamras or Chikoo Rabdi for dessert. Here, though, their Veg Thalis are even more well-liked.

Sukanta/ Facebook

For those seeking a rendezvous with authenticity, Sukanta is the culinary sojourn that beckons. Opened in 2004 and offers a delightful ambiance to go along with its delectable dishes. Thali in Pune here is a celebration of local produce and seasonal ingredients, meticulously curated to deliver a culinary crescendo.  It's a great place to spend dinner with your family and gets you a warm welcome with refreshing orange drinks. Their vegetarian thali will make your stomach swell like never before with eight different kinds of vegetables, two snacks (Dhokla and Pakoda), plain chapatis, puris, two kinds of rice, and a cup of Aamras. Each bite is a testament to Pune's agricultural abundance and the culinary prowess of the chefs.

Aaoji Khaoji/ Facebook 

A restaurant that opened in 2016 with just three tables is now serving the tastiest thalis in the world, complete with over 12 unique sabzis. Aaoji Khaoji's bahubali thali consists of three types of rice, six desserts, twelve sabzis, two dry fruit lassis, five specialty parathas, and six papads, in addition to raita, salad, achaar, and butter. The restaurant employs skilled North Indian chefs who enhance the flavour of the food. Additionally, Aaoji Khaoji sells 200 celebrity thalis, and no two of them are the same. 

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