Pizza, Pasta And More At Celini, Grand Hyatt Mumbai

If you love hearty Italian fare, you must make a beeline for Chef Gianfranco Tuttolani food at Celini.

Published On Jul 18, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Italians, like Indians, are gregarious eaters. Friends and family love gathering over a leisurely meal of homecooked delights. The focus of these dishes is to showcase the seasonal and local bounty—quite like traditional Indian food systems of the hinterland. The pride that Italians take in their food, whether is the cold-pressed olive oils, freshest cheeses, or plump tomatoes, is unlike any other. 

To savour the same authentic taste and essence of true Italian cuisine, head to Celini, the Italian fine-dining restaurant in Mumbai’s Grand Hyatt hotel. Under the watchful eyes of chef-de-cuisine, Chef Gianfranco Tuttolani, you can taste the wondrous flavours of Italy. If you ask him, the biggest highlight of Italian food and his dishes at Celini is the focus on ingredients and the balance of flavours. 

The menu at Celini has quintessential classics such as spaghetti aglio olio e pepperoncino, porcini risotto, tiramisu and more. At the same time, chef Tuttolani has also introduced special dishes from his hometown of Chieti in the Abruzzo region of central Italy. Celini, embraces traditional Italian recipes and presents them with a modern approach. Indulge in the best of traditional Italian dishes such as beetroot ravioli, pan-seared salmon fillet, grilled New Zealand lamb chops, charcoal grilled chicken and people-pleaser, tiramisu. Not just the lasagne, a meal at Celini is incomplete without trying their woodfired pizza. Easily one of the best pizzas in Mumbai, these pizzas with their pliable dough, deep and rich tomato sauce and fresh and minimalist toppings are light, airy and very satiating.

Wash down chef Tuttolani’s delicious delicacies with a very thoughtfully curated wine list. Each of the wines on the beverage menu has been selected with the idea that there is a perfect partner with the dish on your plate, whether it is an antipasto (starter) or a dessert. And while the envious collection of Italian wines will leave you drooling, there is a fair bit from France, South America, Australia and even India! Be sure to ask what wines are available by-the-glass, especially if you feel you want to be region agnostic in your preference.

As if the idea of dining alone wasn’t melancholic enough, the post-pandemic socially-distanced world hasn’t made life easier. Taking off from one of the earliest pandemic-dining trends, Celini staff will seat a giant teddy bear with you if you’re dining alone. 

The minimalist décor of Celini, which means is a moon in Greek, is inspired by lunar cycles. The artwork that adorns the restaurant’s wall symbolises the different phases of the moon, a series of hymns to the night sky, and Lord Shiva as the universe. The installation, titled ‘Yogadakshinamurti’, signifies the movements in our body, the sun and constellations.  

Photo: Grand Hyatt Mumbai