Say 'Ni Hao' To Chinese Cuisine At China House, Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Taste the authentic bold flavours of China at this restaurant.

Published On Jul 05, 2022 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


India loves its Chinese food, even if it is far from the traditional or authentic dishes north of the Himalayas. India’s love for wok-tossed noodles with a hint of smokiness and umami-rich sauces is second only to desi dishes. It is perhaps for this reason that dishes from Sichuan region of China are so popular here in India. 

China House restaurant at Grand Hyatt Mumbai is the perfect venue to satiate your curiosity of true Chinese flavours. Of the eight regional cuisine styles of China, Sichuan is the closest to Indian palate due to the extensive heat and pungency in the dishes. This comes from the use of local pepper variety that everyone recognises Sichuan peppercorns. However, the region’s cuisine is more nuanced and intricate than that. Achieving the perfect balance of flavour on a plate is the ultimate goal. So, while spice and heat is at the forefront of Sichuan food, it is very delicately balanced by salty, sour, sweet, bitter and smokey notes as well.

Chef Jean-Christophe Fieschi, Director of Culinary at Grand Hyatt Mumbai shares, “Sichuan cuisine with its spices and piquant flavours are something that the Indian palate is used to. It is the reason why the food at China House is so popular among our patrons.” 

At China House, sous chef Ya Jun Zhang and his team aim to these bold and detailed flavours. Apart from more than 15 types of dim sums, the highlight at China House has to be the Peking duck, which is made in-house in a stone oven. You must also check out Chef Zhang whipping out hand-pulled noodles from scratch—it’s a hypnotic moment watching him whip strings of dough on a wooden workbench according to his will. Other classic must-try dishes include mapo tofu, spicy hot pot, dan dan noodles, and black pepper king crab.

For those addicted to desi-style Chinese, Grand Hyatt Mumbai’s China House restaurant will open your eyes and palate to a whole new flavourful world of Sichuan Chinese cuisine. During busy service hours, you will see and hear flashes of fire adding the tell-tale smokiness, noodles and stir-fries being tossed and dim sum steamers emanating aromatic steam from the tiny morsels. You must also try the cocktails at the restaurant. The Old-Fashioned and Cosmopolitan comes highly recommended. 

The colour red is auspicious in Chinese culture—at China House it has been integrated without making it garish balanced delicately with the wooden décor. Walls are lined with teapots from all across China to add another dimension to your experience. As a matter of fact, a cup of Chinese tea with your meal comes highly recommended.

SO what are you waiting for? Head to China House, Grand Hyatt Mumbai!

Photo: Grand Hyatt Mumbai