Can’t Get Enough Of Wine? Here’s How To Cook With It

Here’s how you can make the most of your leftover wine with these toast-worthy recipes.

Published On Apr 19, 2022 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


Be it your birthday, wedding anniversary or a candlelight dinner at home with a loved one—wine is always a welcome guest at any party. But then there are half-full glasses or bottles left to deal with post-celebrations. Let that headache not add to your hangover.

Instead of pouring it all down the drain or gulping it down to drunkenness; unless you’re cool with that *wink, wink*, you can throw in a little wine in your daily meals. Add wine to deglaze your veggies for some flavour and moisture, tenderise your meats and lighten up your cakes—all this with the goodness of wine. Here are some wine-based recipes to keep the after-party celebrations going.

This cosy, gorgeously tender chicken spells healthy as it is packed with the goodness of veggies. And what better way to sit down and gorge on this beautiful dish than with a glass of quality French red wine!

The perfect complement to give your pasta a spicy and tangy kick. Boasting the goodness of garlic and tomatoes, which are then cooked in olive oil, this homemade sauce will any day be a better alternative to store-bought dips and sauces. You can also team this classic sauce with any meat of your choice and some salad for one of those lazy days.


Treat your palate to the wonderful flavours of Spain with this delicious meal paired with wine. The delicious combination of chicken, rice, olives and peppers promises a party of flavours in your mouth in addition to a dose of health.

Risotto and wine – a match made in heaven! Rich and creamy, this comforting dish is sure to stir your soul on a cold and chilly night. This saffron-flavoured risotto is also packed with the goodness of veggies, the best and cheesiest way to make sure your kids eat them!  

Wine in a sandwich? Say no more! These healthy gourmet sandwiches are spiced with Italian herbs, mushrooms, olives and even veggies, making them an extremely scrumptious (and healthy) option. Ideal for office lunch or a light dinner, these sandwiches have our vote.


Ready in half an hour, this cheesy and rich dish is perfect to whip up when you have those last-minute guests. Moreover, this recipe calls for just two tablespoons of wine. What you do with the rest is completely up to you. We’re not judging! 

A perfect balance of milk and saffron-flavoured rice with whole spices boasting of the meatiness of mutton and chicken makes for an irresistibly tempting dish. Besides, this powerhouse meal tastes even better when the flavours are allowed to combine overnight.

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