A Foodie’s Haven: Exploring The Best Of Kolkata’s Famous Eateries To Give You A Culinary Feast

It is no secret that Kolkata is one of the best food cities in India. Every corner, street, and neighborhood will have a culinary gem to boast of. We bring you the best of these popular places for you to add to your itineraries.

Published On Nov 03, 2023 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


Kolkata has always been a city at the forefront, whether in the realms of art, heritage, or food. It's a city with an enchanting atmosphere, steeped in art, music, literature, and more, and boasts a food scene that's simply outstanding. What sets Kolkata apart is its ability to house the most iconic eateries in the most unassuming settings. These places have been serving top-notch, mouthwatering dishes for so long that it's hard to keep track, making them the shining gems of Kolkata's culinary culture.

While many of these establishments have undergone makeovers and renovations, they've maintained the same spirit and dedication to serving exceptionally delicious food. The quality of the food at each of these places has remained consistently outstanding throughout the many years of their operation. In a city that effortlessly blends modernity with old-school charm, these iconic eateries represent the same delightful balance.

From restaurants offering the finest international cuisine to delectable Mughlai and other Indian dishes, and even those serving dishes familiar to every Kolkata household, these eateries have become culinary ambassadors for the city. They preserve Kolkata as both what it is today and what it was in days gone by, much to the delight of locals and every traveler who explores the streets of Kolkata.

The best of Kolkata’s restaurants you should not miss checking out

Starting off the list with one of Kolkata’s oldest and most iconic eateries, this almost 200-year-old sweet shop offering delicious Bengali sweets is the absolute favorite of locals and all foodies exploring Kolkata alike. Set up back in 1826, the taste of the sweets at this place has impressively remained almost the same, regaling people with their delicious sweets today as they have for almost two centuries.

Where: Multiple outlets
Timings: 8 am – 10 pm
Cost for two: Rs 300 (approx.)

Considered among Old Calcutta’s most iconic cafés, this eatery has been serving delicious food to its patrons for at least a hundred years. Still maintaining its quality, taste, and popularity after all these years, this café has expanded to several outlets, starting from one humble location. This only reflects the popularity that the café enjoys even today. Visit this café for some of the best seafood you will ever have.

Where: Multiple outlets
Timings: 5 pm – 10 pm
Cost for two: Rs 500 (approx.)

Peter Cat is one of Kolkata’s most legendary restaurants. Its popularity and quality pull in patrons from far and wide, for a taste of its famous food for themselves. This fame is completely justified as the restaurant achieved the impressive achievement of becoming the 17th most legendary restaurant in the world in a recently released global list. Visit this place for a taste of some of the most delicious and authentic chelo kebabs you will taste, for this place is also credited with making chelo kebabs the favorite delicacy of Kolkata that it is today.

Where: Stephen Court Building, 18 A, Park Street, Kolkata
Timings: 12 noon – 10:30 pm
Cost for two: Rs 1400 (approx.)

Putiram Sweets, said to be at least 150 years old, is another famous eatery of Kolkata, an indelible part of its food culture. This sweets and breakfast shop is extremely famous among the locals, especially for the famous yet simple, no-frills breakfast of cholar dal and kochuri. People from all parts of the city come down to this humble shop to indulge in this simple, mouth-watering, and hearty breakfast. This breakfast dish is a must-try for every food lover.

Where: Multiple outlets
Timings: 6 am – 10 pm
Cost for two: Rs 200 (approx.)

Mocambo restaurant is an iconic restaurant in Kolkata, serving international cuisine for many, many decades, and is still one of the top favorite restaurants for locals. The lively vibe of the restaurant is beautifully matched with its delicious food and friendly staff. It is a vital part of Kolkata’s vivacious food scene. A must-visit for food lovers to try their legendary continental sizzlers, among other things.

Where: 25B, Park Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata
Timings: 12 pm – 10:30 pm
Cost for two: Rs 1000 (approx.)


Popular for its fresh and delicious seafood, served in a simple yet loving way, this restaurant is one of the heritage restaurants in Kolkata. Widely recognized and acclaimed to be one of Kolkata’s food scene’s important parts, it is a favorite of locals, known to have the same finger-licking taste after all these years. Visit this restaurant for a taste of Kolkata’s delicious cuisine and a sneak peek into the olden ways of this iconic city.

Where: 40/1, Jatindra Mohan Avenue, Shobha Bazar, Kolkata
Timings: 4 pm – 9 pm
Cost for two: Rs 400 (approx.)

Known to be the first tea room established in the city of Kolkata, Flury’s was the brainchild of a Swiss couple, all the way back in the time of British rule in India. The restaurant still works on the same recipes, working to maintain its original standards, despite having expanded and gone through a makeover. So much so, that the people of Kolkata consider any visit to the city incomplete without a visit to this institution. The spirit of this restaurant is still the same, much to the delight of its regular patrons. Visit this quaint-looking restaurant for an idyllic and memorable meal out.

Where: Multiple outlets
Timings: 8 am – 1030 pm
Cost for two: Rs 1000 (approx.)

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