8 Home-Grown Chocolate Brands To Indulge In On World Chocolate Day

Do not like regular run-of-the-mill chocolates? Here are some boutique chocolate brands to try.

Published On Jun 28, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


On July 7, World Chocolate Day, chocoholics all across the world are looking forward to indulging in the delicious flavours and velvety textures that have made chocolate such a cherished indulgence. It's time to focus on the developing chocolate industry in India this year, amid the diverse array of chocolate offers from around the world. Homegrown chocolate manufacturers from India have gained prominence and are now posing a serious threat to the dominance of the long-standing giants in the market.

India's chocolate industry has seen a remarkable metamorphosis, with a new generation of creative chocolatiers and artisans producing stunning works that combine traditional methods with cutting-edge tastes and aesthetics. With a particular Indian twist, these locally produced chocolate companies have successfully woven their way into the palates and hearts of chocolate lovers.

It's interesting to note that these Indian companies have established a distinct niche for themselves by utilising regional products, cultural influences, and sustainable business methods, demonstrating a dedication to authenticity and quality. These chocolatiers have tapped into the diversity of flavours and ingredients that are present within the nation's boundaries, from the luscious cacao supplied from Kerala's plantations to the aromatic spices that have distinguished Indian cuisine for ages.

These indigenous businesses have exploded all over India in recent years, and they now offer products that go beyond the usual selection of milk chocolate bars. The younger generation of chocolatiers in India has embraced experimentation and created distinctive concoctions that incorporate local fruits, flavorful spices, and even substances like tea and coffee. Every creation has a narrative and provides a sensory experience that encapsulates India's rich culinary tradition.

By promoting these Indian chocolate companies, we not only indulge our palates with mouthwatering flavours, but we also support a healthy and sustainable ecosystem. Many of these firms promote an ethical and responsible attitude to chocolate consumption by highlighting ethical sourcing methods, fair trade relationships with farmers, and eco-friendly packaging.

In this article, we cordially invite you to join us on a tantalising tour of eight outstanding domestic chocolate companies from India that have won the hearts of chocolate lovers all around the country. Each company crafts its own tale, luring us to savour the depth and ingenuity of their goods, from the handcrafted delights of single-origin chocolates to the marriage of traditional Indian sweets with cocoa.

What better way to celebrate World Chocolate Day than with a little Indian indulgence? Discover the passion, skill, and delicious flavours that have driven these eight domestic chocolate manufacturers to the forefront of India's chocolate revolution as we dig into their worlds. Prepare to embark on a new phase of your chocolate adventure and explore the enticing wonders of India's very own chocolate cosmos.

Before returning to Mumbai in 2018 to open Ether Chocolate, chef Prateek Bakhtiani received his culinary training at numerous Michelin-starred restaurants in different countries. Bakhtiani, the resident geek at Ether, develops a variety of chocolate varieties utilising chocolate from specific origins, including Peru, Madagascar, and Indonesia.

Leiyolan Vashum and Zeinorin Stephen discreetly founded an artisanal chocolate company in the tranquil Manipurn area of Ukhrul that is brimming with distinctive North Eastern ingredients like ghost pepper and black rice. We don't know what will make you drool if that hasn't already happened.

Through 100% clean food items, transparent packaging, and the creation of informative content about food and fitness, The Whole Truth (previously And Nothing Else) seeks to restore public confidence in food. TWT introduced 100% Clean Label Dark Chocolates, which are produced with just cocoa and dates. A separate bean-to-bar chocolate plant was built for it in Mumbai. The same facility is currently utilised for producing dark chocolate.

These Milk Chocolates are made using Idukki cocoa beans from Kerala, dehydrated 100% Whole Milk, and Omani dates; they don't include refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. The chocolates are also devoid of other common ingredients found in well-known milk chocolate brands, including palm oil, emulsifiers, stabilisers, preservatives, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, and, most importantly, an artificial chocolate flavour that would otherwise mask the use of low-quality and low-proportion chocolate.

One of the most interesting prospects from the artisanal Indian chocolate scene is All Things Chocolate, which is produced by a small Jaipur-based chocolate business and features some of the most incredible flavour combinations.

The first fair trade and USDA organic chocolate brand in India is called Pascati. Furthermore, Pascati promotes its preference for producing delectable dark chocolate. Mango Dark, Saffron Pistachio Dark, and the magnificent 90% Dark are some of the artisanal chocolates from its Dark line that are difficult to find elsewhere.

One of the most intriguing chocolate concoctions on the market right now, Sanjay Solomon's Bean Therapy uses ingredients from all around the nation, including Himalayan rock salt chocolate, Kashmiri kahwa green tea, and chillies from Guntur, to name a few

One of the first chocolate manufacturers in the world to employ Indian cacao beans with organic certification is Naviluna, formerly known as Earthloaf. Naviluna offers some of the most intriguing artisanal chocolates available in India right now, including single-origin chocolate bars and unique pairings like spicy figs and walnut, mango chilli and capsicum, and more.

Menakao is an Indian-born chocolate company with five generations of the Cassam Chenai family from Gujarat residing in Madagascar. Its name means 'red cocoa' in the literal sense. Menakao's artisanal chocolates are deserving of trying out because they are made with the finest beans and ingredients and with the knowledge that can only come from living in the area.

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