Incredible India And Its Food: Podcasts Unraveling The Fascinating World Of Indian Food One Episode At A Time

Join us as we discover some of the finest Indian food podcasts available.

Published On Oct 03, 2023 | Updated On Apr 21, 2024


Indian cuisine, renowned worldwide for its richness and deliciousness, carries a deep history and enduring traditions. It has piqued curiosity for generations. What's even more fascinating is how countless cultures coexist harmoniously within India, with their unique culinary traditions and histories uniting rather than conflicting.

Indian food is a captivating realm with endless wonders. Its intricate blend of spices, ingredients, and flavours has bestowed it with a distinctive global identity. Across the world, individuals aspire to master the art of Indian cuisine.

To delve into this treasure trove, numerous podcasts have emerged with a common aim: to delve deep into the dynamics of Indian food. These podcasts explore regional and national recipes, the history of Indian cuisine, various regional styles under the Indian culinary umbrella, and even concepts and ingredients that have been integrated into Indian kitchens.
These podcasts raise awareness about the diverse facets of Indian food, both within the country and globally. What's most exciting is that the exploration never ends; there's always more to discover about Indian cuisine. With their rich tapestry of cultures, historical narratives, and evolving culinary landscape, these podcasts are sure to become favourites among food enthusiasts.

The most interesting podcasts about Indian food to check out now

Regarded as one of the premier food podcasts, this show features hosts gathering to explore a single popular Indian food ingredient. They delve into myths surrounding it, offer insights into the right way to eat and cook it, and even present innovative and unconventional ways to incorporate this ingredient into your culinary repertoire. The podcast combines entertainment with invaluable information, making it both engaging and highly informative.
Hosted by: Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway
Available on: Spotify, Audible, and Apple podcasts

In this podcast, the hosts delve into India's rich history by exploring its diverse culinary traditions. They take you on a journey through new cultures and heritages, one mouthwatering dish at a time. This podcast promises to captivate you, not only with descriptions of delectable flavours but also with intriguing anecdotes that accompany each recipe. Get ready to be enthralled by the tastes and stories that define India's culinary heritage.
Hosted by: Sadaf and Archit
Available on: Spotify, Apple podcasts, IVM podcasts

Founded by home chefs and food bloggers, this podcast tackles often-overlooked culinary topics. It addresses subjects that professionals may assume to be common knowledge or facts deemed too trivial for standalone discussions. The podcast's mission is to spotlight the intricate elements that collectively shape the food landscape in India.

Episodes cover a wide range of topics, from the art of cold brew and its mastery to the significance of aroma in food. It even delves into fundamental breakfast principles and more, making it an ideal podcast for those looking to enhance their foundational cooking skills.
Hosted by: Archit Agarwal and Shirin
Available on: Spotify, Apple podcasts

Highway On My Podcast is a renowned podcast that embarks on a journey to explore the diverse regional dishes of India, a multicultural land. The hosts embark on an extensive road trip, traversing various parts of India to delve into the famous culinary offerings of each region. They then share their adventures and discoveries with their eager listeners.
Hosted by: Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma
Available on: Spotify and Apple podcasts

While Indian cuisine has gained global recognition, there are still misconceptions that reduce it to dishes like butter chicken. This podcast serves as a remarkable platform to dispel such stereotypes and showcase the rich tapestry of Indian delicacies. Through its episodes, the podcast takes its audience on a captivating journey of exploration, unveiling the diverse regional cuisines that constitute Indian culinary heritage. Each episode is a delightful voyage into a specific region of India, highlighting its prevalent and distinctive food offerings.
Hosted by: Roxanne Bamboat
Available on:, Apple podcasts, Spotify

Hosted by one of India's most renowned pastry chefs, this podcast delves into a wide range of topics. It examines the special place that Masterchef Australia has carved in the hearts of Indians, traces the nascent stages of the restaurant scene's evolution in India, and much more.

In addition to these intriguing subjects, the podcast shares the inspiring stories of celebrated chefs and industry experts. These narratives encompass their journeys of triumph, setbacks, and unwavering determination in the face of challenges.
Hosted by: Pooja Dhingra
Available on: Spotify, Apple podcasts

Indian cuisine is a tapestry of diverse regional, community, and time-specific culinary traditions. Each recipe, ingredient, and cooking practice plays a pivotal role in defining and appreciating a cuisine's uniqueness. One such gem is Parsi cuisine, which extends far beyond the famed Dhansak. This podcast is dedicated to unveiling the lesser-known but equally delectable treasures from Parsi kitchens. Its mission is to introduce listeners to the hidden gems of this cuisine, fostering a deeper appreciation for its rich and beloved recipes.
Hosted by: Perzen Patel
Available on: IVM podcasts, Spotify, Apple podcasts, Libsyn

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