7 Feel Good Podcasts For Hump Day

Feeling low? Here are some earworms to brighten up your Wednesday.

Published On Apr 27, 2021 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Midweek blues are real. It’s that point in the week where the pile of work seems never-ending, and the weekend still too far. If you are struggling to stay positive and hopeful on days when you all need is a pep talk to lift your spirits, turn to podcasts that can turn to be an effective balm for tired hearts and minds. From self-improvement to  inspiring stories of people, who’ve been a ray of hope in difficult times, these seven podcasts and their hosts are on a mission to turn that dull and dreary day perky.  

If you’re looking to build self-esteem and confidence or just hear from women with real stories of personal change, Heart On My Sleeve, is the podcast for you. Hosted by Mansha Kaur, who speaks to women from different walks of life and professions, the podcast is all about personal growth, whether it is physical or mental. Topics range from habits and mindsets, relationships, body positivity, health and fitness, and more.

 This crisp and short podcast is a showcase of Indians who have gone the extra mile to do something for the community and society around them and in turn, the country. In a time when the pandemic is wreaking havoc on our daily routine, these stories are inspiring—from a free library run by a teacher in Arunachal Pradesh to playing poker to raise funds for charities—and will invariably bring a smile to your face.

“Do something worthwhile this lockdown, so you can hold your head high,” says Roshan Shetty, a radio jockey, in one of the episodes of his podcast, Full Power. He has collected tales of people who’ve achieved something and he calls them Full Power stories of KaamJanta. These are stories of good samaritans who’re doing their bit to help those in need and in the process bring hope and optimism to our lives.

There is a dire need to highlight the achievements and work done by Indian women. In an effort to do the same, Swati Rawat, a marketer by day and podcast host by night, speaks to women who are “inspirational, intriguing and aspirational.” The conversations are about these super achievers’ lives and aspirations. While these women have gone through their fair share of struggles,  their ability to overcome them and achieve something they are proud of, is heartening.

Do you think you’re the only ones suffering during the lockdown and the dreary WFH routine? Here are children, between the age of six and fifteen, who share their observations and understanding as well as their lives in the lockdown. National award-winning filmmaker Gopi Desai speaks to young’uns from across the country who tell their stories.

 Everyone loves Bollywood and that is exactly why Neha Dhupia pulled off the fifth season of her podcast #NoFilterNeha despite the pandemic and lockdown in 2020. The guest list  included everyone from Saif Ali Khan and Rana Daggubati, to Sourav Ganguly and Kapil Dev. These conversations are raw and unadulterated where guests share tidbits from their lives that you’ve never heard before.

 The podcast, with hosts Cerny based in Los Angeles and Fernandez in Mumbai, is all about inspiring news story updates from around the globe. It also features reviews, and an unexpected guest list that will talk about dating, wellness and culture As the name suggest it’s all about feeling good and staying optimistic.

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