7 Brands Offering Vegan Protein Options That You Must Try

Going vegan this season? Here are some products you should check out.

Published On Jun 27, 2023 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Being vegan is no easy task, but slowly, it’s gaining popularity as a sustainable and healthy diet option. A lot of people are turning vegan because of food allergies, and a lot are embracing it to embrace conscious living. Another reason why people are turning vegan is the growing concern about getting animal meats off their diets. If you’re considering veganism as more than just a trend to explore, know that it has many benefits. It reduces the negative impact that human beings have on the environment! Now is the time to choose plant-based food options because they’re becoming more and more accessible. There are also a lot of brands that are coming up these days to ensure that vegan options are equally delicious as non-vegan options. This way, you know that you’re not missing out on anything at all!

Here are some of the best vegan brands in the country

Anyone obsessed with vegan protein knows that Ahimsa Food’s Veggie Champ is the best place to shop from. The brand is known for its vegan meals and timely doorstep delivery. All food sources are high in fibre and protein, gluten-free and oil-free. Their bestsellers include Thai green curry, tofu palak paneer, Indian korma and rendang curry. They use simple ingredients and are also affordable. Ahimsa food is everyone’s go-to, especially when they’re new to veganism and don’t know where to start.

Every vegan knows Blue Tribe Foods is such a reliable option. Blue Tribe Foods is a vegan food brand in India that provides a wide range of plant-based options to pick from. Blue Tribe Foods is committed to animal welfare and promotes many nutritious replacements for any of the usual animal-based products that you would buy. They specialise a lot in Indian dishes, and you can consider them a great brand that helps you stay healthy and conscious. Blue Tribe Foods focuses on everyone’s dietary requirements, and they also are very particular about eco-friendly packaging and locally sourced ingredients. This further highlights their dedication to creating a good impact on both health and the environment.

Live Yum offers amazing vegan protein foods. Live Yum India is a rising vegan brand that offers a huge range of plant-based products in India. Their goal is to make cruelty-free and sustainable lifestyles more common among people. Just like every other vegan brand, Live Yum is also known for offering a lot of vegan food alternatives. This means that you have an option of picking from dairy-free cheeses and plant-based milk to vegan spreads and desserts. Live Yum makes sure that everyone has access to good and tasty food without compromising on their ethical choices or without feeling like they’re losing out because of their dietary needs. Live Yum India has a great name in the country and continues to be a reliable and trusted choice for those embracing a vegan lifestyle.

At Good Dot, you find the most wholesome vegan protein foods. Good Dot is a very important vegan brand based in India, known for its smart plant-based meat alternatives. Good Dot makes it a point to provide sustainable and cruelty-free options. A lot of the food that Good Dot offers is plant-based proteins that closely resemble the taste and texture of traditional meat products. Their products include plant-based meat substitutes like mock chicken, mock mutton, mock kebabs, etc. This is a good way to not miss out on the taste of meat, but at the same time protect the environment and its biosphere. Good Dot's focus on locally sourced ingredients and sustainable practices reflects its dedication to creating a positive impact on the environment and animal welfare. With their delicious and high-quality vegan products, Good Dot is revolutionising the way people purchase and consume meat in India.

For fans of vegan protein foods, Wakao Foods is a great option. Wakao Foods is based in Goa and focuses on building vegan food items from jackfruit. Their bestselling products include the Wakao starter pack, the sausage combo, continental jack burger patty, among some extremely delicious others. Wakao stands out for its affordable rates, where a hot and spicy sausage can be bought for Rs 325. Don’t forget to check out their sausage combo as well, and the ultimate combo, if you’re feeling a little too hungry!

Imagine Meats is known across the country for its vegan protein sources. If you can’t live without meat but still want to explore veganism, then this is for you. Imagine Meat is an innovative vegan brand that has made a mark in the Indian market. Committed to providing delicious and sustainable plant-based alternatives, Imagine Meats offers a huge range of vegan meat substitutes that cater to the Indian palate. From vegan chicken and mutton to kebabs and biryani, their products are designed to imitate the taste and texture of traditional meat, while being entirely plant-based. Imagine Meats' focus on locally sourced ingredients and environmentally friendly practices is a testimony to their commitment to creating a positive impact on both health and the planet. With its delicious vegan options, Imagine Meats is changing the vegan industry and making it more appealing.

BVeg Foods offer some of the best vegan protein sources in India. BVeg Foods is a renowned vegan brand that considers itself to be the largest plant-based meat facility in the country! They have hand-folded products, ready-to-eat meals and marinated food that have the same taste and feel as meat. They also collaborated with the food giant Haldiram's for their plant protein snacks range. Their popular products include chic-chic nuggets, all-day sausages and grilled patties. Their focus on sustainability and moving towards making this place a better planet makes them stand out in the food industry.

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