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12 Most Expensive Food Items In The World

Even though fancy is a relative term, there is almost always an expensive price tag attached to it.

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We all consume a wide variety of food items in our day to day lives. Sometimes it is a street-side vendor’s vada pav, other times we feast on an expensive white truffle recipe at the fancy new restaurant. While ‘fancy’ is a relative term—for some having a gourmet lobster meal is fancy, while others find edible gold more eligible for the term—the truth fancy food items are almost always expensive. And what could be fancier than these 12 most expensive food items in the world?

12 most expensive foods in the world

1. Vanilla

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A favourite ice cream flavour, vanilla is surprisingly the costliest food in the world. Madagascar vanilla pods are priced comparatively higher at Rs 1,250 for 10 grams. They have a vanillin content of one to two per cent, which makes them one of the costliest vanilla beans in the world.

Madagascar vanilla beans are grown in Mexico and have a unique flavour that makes them a favourite among gourmet food connoisseurs. Floral, sweet, earthy, oak, and leather are some of the flavours that shine through in these vanilla beans. You can buy this expensive food online at Sprig, an e-retailer of specialized food items.

2. Caviar

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Caviar is a roe or egg from the fish family. Synonymous with expensive, caviar is a fancy delicacy that is often consumed raw or as an appetizer. There are many varieties of caviar. However, historically, beluga caviar and osetra Caviar are among the most expensive and rarest caviars in the world. Currently, caviar costs about Rs 18,000 for 30 grams. You can buy the world’s costliest food through Caviar India’s online website. They sell all types of fish eggs.

3. Saffron

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With about Rs 1,200 per 5 grams, saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. The first saffron plant was grown in Iran The plant is very delicate and blooms for only one week in the entire year. Presently, Iran produces a majority of saffron, followed by Kashmir. So, if you wish to have a taste of royalty, then eat a dish prepared with saffron or kesar as it is called in India. You can buy saffron at any online retailer. Amazon, BigBasket, and others sell saffron online.

4. Wagyu beef

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Wagyu beef is a super-expensive meat from Japan, which is available in different parts of the world. One of the most expensive foods in the world, it is famous for its buttery taste and moist, tender meat. Wagyu beef is priced at Rs 40,000 per kg. 

5. Matsutake mushrooms

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Matsutake mushrooms are an unexpected contender on the list of costliest foods in the world. From ancient times, matsutake mushrooms have been grown in Japan under specific weather conditions. However, due to climate and geographical changes, these mushrooms are slowly moving towards extinction. Worry not because many fine-dining restaurants and sushi joints still try to dish out scrumptious recipes out of these expensive mushrooms. These mushrooms can cost up to Rs 1,05,000 per kilo. Many online stores like Ubuy sell these mushrooms on their portal.

6. Moose cheese

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Moose cheese is churned out from the milk of moose or elk. The exotic cheese is a heritage food item of the Johansson family from Sweden, who produce and sell the cheese to a selected few. The farm sells 300 kilos of the cheese every year at a price of Rs 63,000 per kg.

7. Kopi luwak

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It is the world’s most expensive coffee that costs about $80 in the United States. Meanwhile, in India, the coffee costs Rs 8,000 per kg. The start-up Coorg Consolidated Commodities sells this coffee in India.

The coffee beans are made from the poop of a civet, a monkey-like creature commonly found in Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. The coffee beans are eaten and digested by the civet in the stomach, which is believed to enhance the beans' flavour.

8. Ayam Cemani black chicken

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Ayam Cemani is a breed of chicken that is distinguished by all-black feather, skin, and meat. The chicken breed is believed to be first seen in Indonesia, where the upper class kept them. It is an extremely rare breed of chicken that costs over ₹14,661. India, too, has its own black chicken species—Kadaknath, found predominantly in central India.

9. Iberian ham

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Iberian ham, or Jamón Ibérico, is one of the world’s most expensive meats. A leg of this ham is believed to cost about Rs 8,500 per kilo. It is available on the portal Ubuy, so you can get a taste of this juicy meat by placing an order online.

This meat, originating from Spain is procured from black Iberian pigs that are found in areas in and around the Southern Europe country. The pigs are mostly fed acorns (fruit from the oak tree), which enhances the flavour of the ham.

10. Black watermelon

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For black watermelon, people are ready to pay a fortune. So, what’s so special about this type of watermelon? It holds an archaic meaning. In Japan, the aristocratic warrior would offer melons or tangerines to their mentors as a sign of appreciation and respect. Moreover, the black watermelon takes months of care and hard work to cultivate. Therefore, it is worth each penny. Black watermelons are sold at ₹4,56,315.

11. Foie gras

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Foie gras is the liver of a duck or goose that is flattened to serve. It is a famous delicacy of French cuisine. The meat is expensive and can cost up to ₹3,142 for 100 grams. Ducks and geese are expensive to raise and take care of which is why foie gras has a high cost. It is available on the portal Ubuy, so you can get a taste of this juicy meat by placing an order online.

12. White truffle

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White truffles are a popular embellishment in many gourmet dishes and one of the costliest foods in the world. These mushrooms are popularly used in pasta and other Italian dishes. Abundantly available, white truffle has a short shelf life and is prone to climate change adversities. Therefore, the demand for the truffle is more, lending to its high price. White truffle costs around Rs 1,250 per gram. This expensive food item is easily in available in many luxury hotels. Recently, The Oberoi, Mumbai, added white truffle recipes to their menu. 

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