Just In: Trevor Noah's Humorous Takes On Delhi's Quirks, Bengaluru And Mumbai Next

Comedian Trevor Noah's Off The Record tour starts in New Delhi with the comedian poking fun at the city's peculiarities.

Published On Sep 25, 2023 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


Trevor Noah's peaking fame is largely attributed to his role as the host of The Daily Show. His incisive commentary and irreverent take on the absurdities of American politics, especially during the Trump era, set him apart in the late-night comedy landscape. He brought a fresh perspective as an outsider, hailing from South Africa, and his ability to highlight the absurdity of U.S. politics made him a household name.

He recently graced the stage in New Delhi as part of his Off The Record tour in India. The comedian, known for his witty insights and sharp humour, shared his experiences and observations about India, creating a memorable evening for the diverse audience gathered at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium's auditorium.

Noah's Indian adventure began with a bang—or rather, with a traffic jam. He humorously recounted getting stuck in one of New Delhi's notorious traffic snarls right before his show. This chaotic encounter with Delhi's traffic became a recurring theme throughout his performance, as he found common ground with the audience in their collective frustration with the city's traffic and climate.

As he took the stage to the enthusiastic chants of his name, Trevor Noah instantly connected with the audience through his humorous take on the challenges of navigating Delhi's roads, which he described as 'death-wish adjacent.' He even humorously dismissed the notion of road rage, provoking laughter from the crowd. This set the tone for his interaction with the audience—insightful, relatable, and refreshingly candid.

Trevor Noah's performance covered a wide range of topics that often intrigue foreigners visiting India. From the notorious traffic congestion to the unique head nods and the ever-energetic Bollywood icons, Noah's keen observations resonated with the audience. He shared anecdotes from his childhood in South Africa, where he grew up watching Bollywood films, and recounted his recent visit to the iconic Taj Mahal. His storytelling skills and comic timing brought these experiences to life, delighting the Delhiites in attendance.

During his Delhi performance, Trevor Noah briefly touched upon the uniqueness of Donald Trump, emphasising that there is no one quite like him. This led to a segment reminiscent of The Daily Show as he humorously imagined what might happen if Trump were to end up in prison. While the audience enjoyed these comedic insights, some did miss his bold and fearless political commentary, which had become his signature.

One notable aspect of the Off The Record tour was its interactive nature. Trevor Noah departed from a prepared set, engaging with the audience by posing questions and welcoming their inquiries. The question of whether he missed The Daily Show came up, to which he candidly admitted that he did, but not the part about reading the news. This exchange highlighted that a significant portion of the audience knew him for his sharp political satire.


Interestingly, Trevor Noah gracefully sidestepped requests to imitate Indian politicians, citing his limited time spent in India and the dubbed voices of Indian politicians on American channels as reasons. However, he did express amusement at the name of India's opposition bloc (INDIA) and playfully pondered whether the pronunciation of 'Bharat' might pose a challenge for foreigners.

In his first show in India, Trevor Noah skillfully blended his signature humour with his experiences in the country. While his unique take on familiar topics provided much enjoyment, some longed for the fearless political commentary that defined his earlier work. Nonetheless, Noah's Off The Record tour left a lasting impression on the audience, reminding us of the power of humour to bridge cultural gaps and celebrate the quirks of life in different corners of the world.

Photo: Instagram/bookmyshowin