'The Fall Guy' Release Date, Trailer, Cast & More

Explore Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt's world as they take you on a rollercoaster ride in the upcoming action-comedy 'The Fall Guy'.

Published On Apr 01, 2024 | Updated On Apr 01, 2024


Heard any buzz about a wild new action flick hitting theaters soon? It's called The Fall Guy, and it's got all the makings of a summer blockbuster.

We're talking about death-defying stunts, laugh-out-loud moments, and a whole lot of Hollywood drama. In the lead role is Ryan Gosling, playing a washed-up stuntman named Colt Seavers. This guy takes spills for a living, but things get interesting when he's pulled back into the game for a big-budget sci-fi movie.

The director behind the wheel is David Leitch, known for action-packed films like John Wick and Deadpool 2. So you know the stunts in The Fall Guy are going to be insane. And get this, the movie's also a love letter to the stunt people who make all our favourite action scenes possible.

There's a star-studded cast backing up Gosling, too. We're talking Emily Blunt as Colt's ex Winston Duke as his best bud, and Hannah Waddingham, who you might know from Ted Lasso, playing a ruthless producer. So, let’s move forward to know all the deets related to the movie's release.

The Fall Guy release date

The Fall Guy/ IMDb

The wait is almost over, if you're itching to see Ryan Gosling take on daring stunts and hilarious situations,  The Fall Guy release date is slated for May 3rd, 2024 – that's the official US release date for this action-comedy extravaganza. However, Indian audiences won't have to wait long, the film is confirmed for release in India around the same time. Get ready for some popcorn-munching, fist-pumping fun when The Fall Guy hits the big screen.

The Fall Guy cast 

The Fall Guy/ IMDb

The Fall Guy boasts a cast that's as explosive as its stunts. Leading the charge is Ryan Gosling as Colt Seavers, a seasoned but ageing stuntman with a knack for getting out of sticky situations. Opposite him is Emily Blunt, playing Colt's ex-girlfriend, Jody Moreno, who's now a director thrust into the chaotic world of Hollywood action films.  

Winston Duke brings the muscle and camaraderie as Colt's best friend and stunt coordinator, Dan Tucker. Rounding out the crew is Hannah Waddingham, channelling her Ted Lasso charm into the role of Gail, a ruthless but undeniably entertaining producer with a sharp eye for detail. It's a mix of Hollywood heavyweights and rising stars, all coming together to create a high-octane adventure you won't forget.

The Fall Guy trailer 

The Fall Guy's trailer is an action-packed explosion that will leave you wanting more.  You can see glimpses of Ryan Gosling's Colt Seavers, a seasoned stuntman with a weathered face and a mischievous grin.  Fast cuts showcase gravity-defying stunts, explosions, and thrilling car chases.  Emily Blunt shines as Colt's fiery ex, director Jody Moreno, caught in the chaos of a missing leading man.  

The trailer throws in hints of a deeper mystery, with shadowy figures and whispers of danger. But amidst the explosions and intrigue, there's a healthy dose of humour. Quick quips and witty banter between Colt and his crew promise a film that's not just high-octane, but also laugh-out-loud funny. 

The Fall Guy story

The official synopsis of The Fall Guy reads, “Colt Seavers is a stuntman who left the business a year earlier to focus on both his physical and mental health. He's drafted back into service when the star of a mega-budget studio movie, which is being directed by his ex, goes missing.”

This means the movie will see the return of Colt Seavers, a stuntman who walked away from the business a year ago to heal his body and mind. Now living a quieter life, Colt gets pulled back into the adrenaline-fueled world of Hollywood when the star of a massive studio sci-fi flick, directed by his none-other-than ex-girlfriend, Jody Moreno, vanishes without a trace.  With a missing leading man and a high-stakes production on hold, Jody turns to the only person she can trust – the man who knows stunts and Hollywood drama better than anyone: Colt Seavers. Will Colt answer the call and face his past, or will this case remain Hollywood's biggest mystery?

Photo: The Fall Guy/ IMDb