The Adventures Of Moana And Maui Are Back To Regale Fans All Over Again In Moana 2

Moana, a Disney movie released in 2016, was much loved by people, all around the world. After the success of Moana, Disney is back with Moana 2, to the surprise of fans. Here is everything Disney has revealed about Moana 2.

Published On Apr 20, 2024 | Updated On Jun 18, 2024


Moana of Motunui is back to go on new challenges and adventures. In February 2024, Disney surprised fans by announcing Moana 2, the next chapter in Moana and Maui’s lives. After the success of the first part, Disney revealed plans to make a web series based on the life of Moana, which would be directly available to watch on their streaming platform, Disney+. Not only did Disney announce the sequel, but it also shared the official Moana 2 release date. It is safe to assume that the fans were majorly surprised by the sequel’s announcement, given how there is already a live-action remake of Moana in the works.

In an unprecedented move, Disney shared news of the eventual reworking of the planned series into a movie, Moana 2. It was surprising because, usually, fans have to wait for years before a Disney movie releases as the franchise announces projects well ahead of time. But, breaking tradition, Disney revealed the Moana 2 release date officially as November 27, 2024. The movie was announced with a Moana 2 teaser, following it up with the first look for Moana, showing her all grown up, with her oar on a boat. The Moana 2 teaser and Disney tease new voyages for Moana, who receives an unexpected call from her ancestors and ventures to the lengths of Oceania on an adventure unlike anything she has ever faced. However, further details about the sequel are very strictly under wraps for now, leaving fans waiting excitedly for the official Moana 2 trailer.

As for the Moana 2 cast, Disney has confirmed the return of the original actors, Auli’i Cravalho and Dwayne Johnson, voicing the characters of Moana and Maui, respectively. Dwayne Johnson will also be reprising his role as Maui in the live-action remake of Moana. Dwayne Johnson has, however, teased further surprises for the rest of the Moana 2 cast and much more. As we wait for more information and the Moana 2 trailer, Disney promises to stun audiences with a sequel, surpassing even the first Moana.  

Photo: Instagram/disneyanimation