8 Most Anticipated Animated Movies Releasing In 2024

It's gonna be a wild ride with pandas, dragons, Looney Tunes, and a whole lot of laughs in 2024.

Published On Feb 05, 2024 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Calling all animation addicts, movie marathon maniacs, and anyone who still believes in a little pixie dust sprinkled on popcorn! 2024 is gearing up to be a year where movie theatres transform into technicolor playgrounds, and our imaginations take flight on wings woven from the vibrant threads of animation. From long-awaited sequels that reunite us with beloved characters to fresh, original tales bursting with new worlds and whimsical creatures, get ready to unwrap your inner child and dive into these eight animated gems that are set to light up the silver screen this year:


Kung Fu Panda 4 /IMDb

Woah, Nelly! Po's back, baby, and his appetite for adventure is bigger than ever! Our favourite noodle-slurping, panda-powerhouse returns for another round of kung-fu fury in a tale that promises to take his skills to the next level. This time, he's not just facing off against noodle soup stains and lazy mornings. He's teaming up with a mysterious knight on a quest that will test his inner strength, unlock the secrets of his own chi, and maybe even involve some legendary dragon scrolls (hint, hint!). Prepare for bamboo-bending battles, hilarious training montages, and a heartwarming journey that reminds us that even the clumsiest panda can become a legendary dragon knight.

Inside Out 2/ IMDb

Remember Riley? Well, guess what? Her emotions are all grown up now, navigating the rollercoaster ride of adolescence with the same wit, heart, and maybe even a few new faces joining the colourful crew in her mind. Joy might still be bouncing off the walls, Sadness might still need her raincloud, and Anger might still be, well, angry, but there's a whole new set of emotions waiting to be discovered. Will there be a new team member for Bing Bong to hang out with? Will Fear finally learn to take a vacation? Will Disgust develop a taste for broccoli? Inside Out 2 promises to be a hilarious and poignant exploration of growing up, reminding us that even the most complex emotions can become a symphony when they work together.

The Garfield Movie / IMDb

Everyone's favourite lasagna-loving, grumpy cat takes centre stage in his very own feature film! Get ready for a laugh-a-minute romp through the world of Garfield, where Mondays are always Mondays, naps are a competitive sport, and Mondays-hating is an art form. This isn't just any cat nap adventure, though. Garfield's about to embark on a quest that's anything but ordinary, involving stolen lasagna recipes, mistaken identities, and maybe even a showdown with the arch-nemesis of all felines: Mondays. Expect laugh-out-loud moments, hairball-inducing escapades, and maybe even a glimpse into Garfield's surprisingly soft underbelly (just don't tell him we said that).

Despicable Me 4 / IMDb

Buckle up, banana lovers, because Gru and his yellow-clad cohorts are back for another Minions-fueled caper! This time, the stakes are higher than ever, and the mayhem might just reach intergalactic levels. Will Gru finally embrace his inner good guy? Will the Minions discover a new language besides 'banana'? Will Lucy finally crack the code to Gru's heart (and maybe his secret stash of freeze rays)? Despicable Me 4 promises to be a laugh-a-minute rollercoaster ride packed with Minion mayhem, Gru's signature grumpiness, and maybe even a few heartwarming moments (just don't tell the Minions we said that).


Prepare to be swept away to a world where mythical creatures roam and epic battles ignite the night sky. Orion and the Dark plunges us into the heart of a stunning CG adventure, where a young, half-elf named Orion must embrace his destiny and face the forces of darkness. Trained by a grizzled gryphon and befriended by a mischievous pixie, Orion's journey will take him from sun-dappled forests to glittering crystal caves, all while unravelling the secrets of his own lineage and battling monstrous creatures that lurk in the shadows. This is a film that promises to be both visually breathtaking and emotionally resonant, a fantasy epic that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.

The Day the Earth Blew Up: A Looney Tunes Movie / IMDb

Remember the good old days when Bugs Bunny outsmarted aliens and Daffy Duck chased spaceships? Well, those days are back! The Day the Earth Blew Up throws our favourite cartoon crew headfirst into an intergalactic showdown that's guaranteed to be anything but predictable. Forget your boring alien invasions – this is Looney Tunes-style, where lasers meet ACME anvils, and interstellar travel involves carrot rockets and duck-powered spaceships. Bugs might just have his work cut out for him navigating Daffy's ego trips and Wile E. Coyote's explosive experiments, but one thing's for sure: it'll be a side-splitting, slapstick-fuelled journey that'll remind you why this gang never fails to make us laugh, even when the fate of Earth hangs in the balance. Prepare for pratfalls on lunar landscapes, gravity-defying chase sequences, and maybe even a cameo from Marvin the Martian (he probably doesn't get invited to many space parties).

Spellbound /IMDb 

Get ready for a touch of Celtic magic and a whole lot of heart in Spellbound, an enchanting Irish tale that follows a family of witches facing a dire curse. Young Meara, our fiery-haired heroine, discovers her own magical abilities just in time to help her sisters break the spell before it's too late. Their journey takes them through emerald forests, whispering bogs, and quaint villages where every cobblestone seems to hold a secret. With stunning animation that captures the beauty of the Irish countryside, heartwarming characters that you'll instantly fall in love with, and a touch of humour that's as sharp as a leprechaun's wit, Spellbound promises to be a bewitching delight for the whole family.

Dragonkeeper/ IMDb

Get ready for a heartwarming adventure that will make you believe in the power of friendship and the courage that lies within us all. Dragonkeeper introduces us to Pip, a young boy whose life gets turned upside down when he befriends a baby dragon named Luna. This isn't your average fire-breathing behemoth, though. Luna is mischievous, clumsy, and about as graceful as a newborn giraffe on roller skates. But under Pip's care, Luna grows into a majestic creature, and their bond blossoms into a beautiful friendship. Together, they must face poachers who want to exploit Luna's power and overcome their own fears to protect each other. Dragonkeeper is a visually stunning film with captivating characters, a story that celebrates the power of nature, and a reminder that even the smallest acts of courage can make a difference.

2024 is shaping up to be a year where the big screen becomes a portal to imagination, a playground of laughter, and a canvas for epic adventures. Mark your calendars, grab your popcorn (or maybe a dragon-egg-shaped smoothie?), and get ready to be swept away to worlds of wonder, laughter, and pure animated joy. Remember, this is just a taste of the animated goodness that awaits us. With so many amazing films to choose from, the hardest part might be deciding which one to see first! So, share your thoughts in the comments below – which animated adventure are you most excited for? Let's get the hype train rolling!

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