Sima Taparia On Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas: “They Are Not A Good Match”

It’s time to debunk stigmas and cultural prejudice around age gaps in relationships.

Published On Aug 11, 2022 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


If you expected Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking to be any different, it’s not. Mumbai’s matchmaker Sima Taparia is still advising her clients to adjust, compromise and be flexible for a happy marriage. The new season also features cast members from the previous season such as Pradhyuman Maloo, Aparna Shewakramani and Nadia Jagessar. While Pradhyuman found his happily ever after in Ashima Chauhaan, without Taparia’s help, the other two are still in search of their potential matches. However, what has caught more attention than everything else is Taparia’s regressive comments on Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s marriage and her advice to her client to not to marry a man who is younger than her.

In the second episode, as Nadia told Taparia about a man named Vishal whom she liked at the party she hosted, Taparia found him too young for her. She said, “Two-three years okay, but seven years younger...I mean, they'll not be...because they'll have a difference. Matureness is very important. You are more mature because you are seven years older. So I think we'll drop Vishal (sic).” Adding to Taparia’s thoughts, Nadia's mother Namita also said, “I think if the guy is seven years older, it's okay. But for the girl to be seven years older, I don't know. Maybe I'm old-fashioned.” To which Sima said, “Even I'm old-fashioned.”

While Nadia cited the example of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' marriage to Taparia and how they share an age-gap of 11 years, the matchmaker was quick enough to say that she doesn’t think it’s a good match, “But I don't feel it's a good match. Sorry to tell that. They have married, but it's not a good match. He looks so small and petite in front of her, and she looks elder (sic).” Nadia’s reaction to that statement is literally all of us. Later Taparia added, “Nadia liked Vishal because he was a cute and attractive boy. But I think she should see more things than this in a boy.”


It’s sad to see how the age difference always matters more to others than it does to the two people involved in the relationship. Being judgmental about a couple’s personal choice has become more like a cultural prejudice and it’s problematic. Society's take on the age gap in relationships is somehow muddled. While they are okay with a man being 10 years older than the woman, there’s a social disapproval towards women if they are older to the man. Nobody questions the man. Why such double standards? A woman being older doesn’t equate to baby-sitting or dominating the man. Why is it so difficult for society to accept a woman who’s more mature, independent and opinionated? Isn’t love and a consensual relationship between two adults and their personal choice enough and above all this?

Photo: Instagram/Sima Taparia