Sex Education And 6 Other Sex Positive Shows To Stream On OTT Platforms

While Sex Education's run might've ended with its final and fourth season that just went on air, here are 6 more sex-positive shows you can stream on OTT platforms.

Published On Sep 25, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


OTT screening platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix make a range of entertaining content accessible on our phones and TVs within a nominal monthly subscription fee. These platforms have made innumerable TV shows and movies available at the tip of our fingers.

If one topic has received wide-scale coverage owing to the huge OTT subscriber base, then it is sex and sex education. Often regarded as a taboo across societies, sex finds excellent artistic expression in the many movies and web series streaming on OTT platforms. If you wish to watch sex-positive shows over the weekend, we have some amazing recommendations.

Sex-positive shows on OTT streaming services you can’t miss

Circling the different teenage sexual problems a socially awkward teenager called Otis Milburn helps his peers navigate, this coming-of-age show is a must-watch. Truly a sex-positive and entertaining series, Sex Education recently released its fourth season, and the show talks about everything from abortion, masturbation, impotence, and sexual harassment to LGBTQ relationships. With just the right amount of drama and plot twists, Sex Education is just the right package highlighting the need for sex education among both teenagers and adults.

As the name of the show suggests, Sex, Explained is a docu-series that explains sex-related topics such as childbirth, fertility, birth control, attraction, and sexual fantasies. The show takes a detailed approach to these topics and goes into their history from a psychological and scientific perspective. Narrated by Janelle Monáe, this limited docu-series is available on Netflix and is loaded with interesting and engaging illustrations and narrations.

The Polish show Sexify (available on Netflix) shows the journey of Natalia - a computer science student who tries to devise a sex app with an algorithm that helps find female orgasm. A sex-comedy at heart, this show approaches intimacy and other themes like friendship through the journeys of the three friends - Natalia, Monika, and Paulina. Sexify is an interesting tale of sex and intimacy presented engagingly and hilariously.

If you are a fan of rom-com stories, then Easy might be a good match for you because it portrays modern love in all its different forms while also trying to destigmatize sex. The story of Easy follows the romantic lives and pursuits of many individuals and couples who live in Chicago. The story takes you through the different forms of modern love without any biases or filters. A comedy-drama at heart, Easy is an entertainer that you simply cannot miss!

If real-life experiences amuse their mind then you would love the document series - Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love Around The World. This is a unique docu-series hosted by the award-winning journalist Christiane Amanpour. Christiane travels across six cities, namely, New Delhi, Tokyo, Berlin, Accra, Shanghai and Beirut and interacts with women there about their sex lives. It's a fascinating series that documents the real experiences felt and shared by women across the world. This show is all about confronting the cultural taboos that get addressed once sexual empowerment is achieved.

Wanderlust is a British television drama featuring actors Steven Mackintosh, Toni Collette, Zawe Ashton and Sophie Okonedo. This six-episode British series shows the journey of Joy and her husband Alan who try to redefine fidelity to save and spice up their marriage. Joy and Alan explore open marriage among other things to build a happy and wholesome relationship. This modern-day show explores the creation of happy relationships while also touching upon sensitive topics of sexual urges and expectations in a relationship.

The story of Girls revolves around four young women in their twenties, living and navigating life in New York City. The show takes us through the pleasantly troublesome ride that our twenties are supposed to be. Girls attempts to destigmatize sensitive topics like body image and STDs. It also tries to highlight the challenges that come while trying to create a balance between career, romance, and sexual relationships. 

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