8 Marvelous Non Fiction OTT Shows And Series That You Should Definitely Not Miss

Looking beyond fiction series and movies? Here are our best non-fiction recommendations on OTT right now.

Published On Aug 09, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. have brought a huge catalogue of some of the best movies, fiction and nonfiction, right to our homes. No longer necessary to wait long intervals of time to watch a release of our choice from the comforts of our homes, all it takes is clicking a few buttons and we can have the movie night of our wish.

These OTT platforms have also started producing stuff that covers some amazing topics. Having the advantage of possessing more liberty while having to stick to lesser rules than theatre releases, some of the releases on platforms like Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video have simply been spectacular. Between producing and releasing and bringing already-released titles to us, these OTT platforms have quickly become the go-to for people, and rightfully so.

A few awe-inspiring documentaries to give a watch

This highly acclaimed and awarded documentary is about Syria and the reign of terror the city has faced at the hands of ISIS, a terrorist organisation. The events of the documentary and the sheer violence humans inflict on humans will leave you shocked. The documentary, available to watch on Amazon Prime, tells of the bravery of a media activist group by the name of Raqqa and their strong resolve to continue bringing the inhuman workings of ISIS in front of the whole world, at great peril to their own lives and the lives of their family and friends. What will be the most extraordinary takeaway from the documentary is the fact that despite suffering so acutely at the hands of this terror group, this small activist group still stands strong in its resistance to evil.

Available to watch on Amazon Prime, the documentary presents the side of the girlfriend of the lethal serial killer Ted Bundy and her daughter. Having adopted a firm silence for as long as forty long years, the mother-daughter duo finally come forward and recount tales of their lives with the serial killer, while also bringing forward unreleased disturbing facts about the serial killer at the same time. Having gained massive notoriety as a serial killer, Ted Bundy was always somewhat of an interesting case for the people as well as the officials processing and analysing him. Watch this documentary for a somewhat different yet intriguing experience.

This list cannot be completed without a mention of the Oscar-winningThe Elephant Whisperers. A creation by the Mumbai-based filmmaker Guneet Monga, the documentary, a massive success in India, tells the tale of a native couple residing in South India and how the couple became the human sanctuary for wildlife. A beautiful tale of harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife, it follows the life of the couple and how they came to care for an infant elephant who was orphaned. How they embarked on a new journey from here on while taking on the care of another elephant makes for a heart-touching story. The couple, along with their elephants, Raghu and Ammu, are the shining stars of this beautiful documentary.

As the name itself suggests, the documentary follows the times when the mafia had a strong hold on Mumbai. Having fashioned itself as D-company, a crime faction led by Dawood Ibrahim, his associates such as Abu Salem, etc., wreaked terror on Mumbai. Having declared the city as their own, the power these mafia men possessed was unchecked and uncontrolled. How some brave police officers rose against the terror of these men and sought to control the rising crime of the city and the influence of these crime lords is what makes this documentary a thrilling must-watch. The interviews of the actual policemen who carried out these acts of bravery will surely leave your mind blown.

Back in 2014, a routine flight of a Malaysian airplane, MH 370, bound from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, suddenly lost all contact with ground staff mid-flight. Having vanished a few minutes after communicating with air traffic control thirty-eight minutes into the flight, there was no trace found of either the plane or any of the 227 passengers and 12 crew members. Eventually declared dead after a massive manhunt orchestrated by multiple countries in cooperation with each other, this incident still proves to be the biggest mystery that remains unsolved even after all these years. The search went on for as long as three years before officially being suspended. This documentary, released by Netflix, tries to piece through different testimonies, expert opinions, etc., to somewhat uncover the fate of MH 370.

Focusing on the scandal of match-fixing and corruption that shocked Indian people and the sports world, this Netflix documentary makes a sincere effort to uncover the doings and all that went into what is one of the biggest sports scandals in Indian sports history. The scandal, which happened in the late nineties up till the early 2000s, is still somewhat a surprising pill to swallow for many. For a nation that almost worships cricket, the furore this scandal beckoned is still unforgettable. The documentary attempted to unravel at least some details of the scandal as after so many years and the huge backlash that followed, how the scandal was carried out is still surprisingly not known to the people.

A documentary presented by the popular environment activist, biologist and more, Sir David Attenborough, it is divided into five separate episodes. The documentary has been filmed over three years, all across several locations in the British Isles. Covering the various species of birds found on the British lands and lands of Scotland, the documentary seeks to bring more awareness about the very diverse flora and fauna of the earth. Available to watch on Amazon Prime, it makes for a relaxing watch, acting as the perfect break for the mind.

Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States of America and a best-selling author recounts the events of her fantastic life in this documentary that follows her second book release. In conversation with Oprah Winfrey, a famous personality in the US, the documentary follows the two women’s struggles, challenges and approaches as they went on about their lives. As African-American women, it is understandable that they have had to face more struggles than some. The recounting of these life events and the challenges that continue to pop up makes up this documentary. 

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