'Outer Range' Season 3 — Is It Happening?

Dive into the mystery! Is Outer Range renewed for Season 3? Explore clues and potential plotlines for the Wyoming saga's future.

Published On Jun 27, 2024 | Updated On Jun 27, 2024


The neo-Western mind-bender, Outer Range, has cast its spell. For two seasons, we've been captivated by the sprawling landscapes of Wyoming, the Abbot family's simmering tensions, and the strange happenings at the edge of their ranch. Season 2 left us viewers with a head-spinning cliffhanger, revealing a possible multiverse and leaving countless unanswered questions. But will we get an Outer Range Season 3 to finally unravel these mysteries?

As of June 2024, Amazon Prime Video hasn't officially announced Outer Range's renewal. However, that doesn't necessarily spell doom for the show. There's a precedent for delayed renewals – the announcement for Season 2 came six months after Season 1 premiered, and a two-year gap separated the actual seasons. This suggests patience might be key.


One glimmer of hope comes from the show's leading man, Josh Brolin. Brolin, known for his roles in Thanos (Avengers series) and Cable (Deadpool 2), has expressed enthusiasm for returning. In an interview, he even admitted the show "has its hook in me," suggesting a personal investment beyond the typical acting gig. This passion from the show's star is a positive indicator.

Another factor to consider is the show's critical reception. While not universally acclaimed, Outer Range garnered a loyal fanbase and positive reviews for its unique blend of Western themes, sci-fi intrigue, and family drama. This dedicated audience could sway Amazon's decision in favour of renewal, especially if viewership numbers were strong.

However, there are also some uncertainties. The showrunner change from Brian Watkins to Charles Murray for Season 2 might suggest a potential shift in direction for the story. Additionally, the complex, slow-burning narrative might not appeal to viewers who crave fast-paced action.

Ultimately, the fate of Outer Range lies with Amazon Prime Video. While there's no official confirmation yet, the enthusiasm of the cast, the show's devoted fanbase, and the potential for a truly mind-blowing conclusion based on Season 2's cliffhanger offer hope for a third season. So, saddle up, fellow Outer Range fans – the wait for answers might continue, but the mystery may yet unravel in the Wyoming wilderness.


Outer Range Season 2 upped the ante on the show's mysteries. The Abbot family grappled with the fallout of Trevor's death and the ever-expanding void at the edge of their ranch. Royal's past with Cecilia Abbott, a mysterious woman seemingly from 1886, became more intertwined with the present. Meanwhile, Rhett explored the time-bending properties of the "time mineral" found near the void, while Autumn, fueled by a desire to ensure her existence, sought a powerful ritual.

The season culminated in a frantic climax – Royal raced to save Amy from Autumn, Perry travelled back in time and inadvertently altered the present by saving Trevor, and viewers were left with a mind-bending revelation about the potential for alternate realities.


While unconfirmed, a potential Outer Range Season 3 could explore the ramifications of Perry's time travel and the existence of a multiverse. Did his actions in the past create a completely new timeline, leaving the original characters with fragmented memories? Royal might grapple with a reality where Amy never disappeared, and the Abbot family dynamic could be drastically altered. Autumn's fate and the true purpose of the void remain unanswered.

Outer Range Season 3 could delve deeper into the history of the land and the origins of Cecilia, perhaps revealing a connection to the Abbott family's past. Ultimately, the possibilities are vast, with Season 3 potentially offering mind-bending twists, emotional reckonings, and a resolution to the central mysteries that have captivated audiences.

Photo: Outer Range/ IMDb