Nail Care 101: Tips To Prevent Breakage & Fix Cracked Nails

Searching for nail care tips? This sassy guide cracks the code to healthy, happy nails. Fight the flaking & win!

Published On Apr 01, 2024 | Updated On Apr 01, 2024


Ever feel like your nails are public enemy number one? You spend all this time on nail care, only to have them crack under pressure (literally). Fear not, fellow frustrated friend! Today, we're diving deep into the world of  nail care, tackling those pesky broken nails and transforming your tips from fragile to fierce.

Before we unleash our inner nail warriors, let's understand the enemy. Brittle nails can be caused by a bunch of culprits.

Moisture mayhem: Dryness is a major bummer for nails. Just like our skin, nails crave hydration. Without it, they become brittle and prone to snapping.

Chemical combat: Harsh cleaning products and acetone-heavy nail polish removers are like kryptonite to nails. They strip away natural oils, leaving nails weak and vulnerable.

Vitamin vacay: Our bodies need certain vitamins and minerals (hello, biotin!) to build strong nails. If you're skimping on a balanced diet, your nails might show signs.

Nail biting blues: We've all been there. But gnawing on your nails puts major stress on them, leading to breakage and infection.


Hydration is the holy grail of healthy nails. Here's your  nail care battle plan:

Oil up: Cuticle oil is your best friend. Apply a few drops daily, massaging it gently into your cuticles and nails. This helps lock in moisture and keeps those cuticles soft (no more hangnails). Look for oils with jojoba oil, vitamin E, or avocado oil.

Lotion love: Don't forget to pamper your hands with a good hand lotion throughout the day. This not only keeps your hands soft but also helps hydrate your nails from the inside out.

Nighttime nourishment: Before hitting the hay, slather on a thicker hand cream and wear cotton gloves. This creates a hydrating overnight mask for your hands and nails.

Taming the tide: Protecting your nails from daily battles

Glove up: When tackling chores that involve harsh chemicals or lots of water (dishes, anyone?), wear gloves! This creates a barrier between your nails and the enemy.

Ditch the acetone: Acetone is a harsh nail polish remover that dries out nails. Opt for acetone-free removers, which are gentler and less damaging to your nail care routine.

Say no to nail biting: We know, it's tough. But try fidget toys, stress balls, or even painting your nails with a bitter-tasting polish to deter yourself from nail biting.

A balanced diet is key to strong, healthy nails, which is a key part of any  nail care regimen. Here are some powerhouse foods to add to your plate:

Biotin boost: Eggs, nuts, whole grains, and avocado are all rich in biotin, a B vitamin that helps promote nail growth.

Protein power: Protein is the building block of healthy hair, skin, and yes, nails! Lean meats, fish, beans, and lentils are all excellent sources.

Hydration heroes: Don't forget to drink plenty of water! Aim for eight glasses a day to keep your body (and your nails) hydrated.


Cracked nails happen. Here's how to minimize the damage with some  nail care tricks:

First aid: If the crack is minor, you can try buffing it gently with a fine-grit nail file to smooth out the edges.

Seal the deal: Apply a clear nail strengthener to the cracked area to create a protective layer for your nail care.

Trim time: Sometimes, the best solution is to trim off the cracked part. This will prevent further damage and allow the nail to grow out healthy.

Bonus tip: Embrace the short life

While long nails look fabulous, sometimes keeping them short is the best way to prevent breakage. Short nails are less prone to catching on things and breaking. Plus, you can still have fun with nail art on shorter nails!

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