8 French Nail Manicure Ideas For Your Next Trip To The Nail Salon

Classy or boujee, whatever your style be, there is a French nail tip for you. Read on to learn more about how to personalise your French nails design.

Published On Jan 26, 2024 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


French nail patterns are some of the most loved and classiest nail patterns there are. No matter what is in trend, the demand for French nail manicure ideas never goes away. But French nails design doesn’t have to be limited to a simple white tip. Keeping in mind the look, trend, and personal preference, you can experiment with a bunch of techniques to create a version of French nail patterns that is uniquely you.

Here are some French nail manicure ideas to draw inspiration from

While we have all seen different takes on French nail manicure ideas, but none match the boujee vibe of this French nails design. Stamped with the name of one of the most iconic fashion brands in the world, this French nail pattern is perfect for the fashionista in you. If you believe in the philosophy of ‘got, flaunt it’ we suggest you pair it with a Chanel bag for a statement like no other.

Slightly harder to create at home, this French nail design is simply beautiful. Instead of the sleep white tip, the nail artist has gone for a floral tip, and keeping it all white makes this French nail pattern classy. While other French nail manicure ideas play with different colours, this one emphasizes the sheer grace of French nails design by playing with the texture.

Perfect for Valentine’s day, this French nails design screams romantic and can be worn as easily on fingernails as on toenails. This French nail extension design is perfect for a quick date, and brings a youthful twist to the classy French nail patterns. 

Gilded, and stunning, this embellished French nails design is perfect for a fashion queen. Also called the golden French tip, this is one of the most loved glitter French nail designs. While this has wavy tips, you can also opt for sleek tips for a cleaner look.

Glitter French nail designs are all the rage on social media and we can see why. Glamorous, and still muted, these nails are perfect short French tip nails. While they will look just as amazing with metallic colours like golden and silver, what we love is the edge that the emerald shade brings with it.

A pop of colour never hurt anybody and these short French tip nails are the proof. Switch the white tips for a bright colour like the red here for a fun take on French nail patterns. This is also a great idea for French toe nail designs. These short French tip nails are as perfect for brunch as they are for a glam night out.

An elevated version of French nail extension design, the marbled version is oh so pretty, and oozes grace. While marbled nail designs are a rage, no matter what the base colour is, with a French pink, it just becomes a very muted French nails design that can be worn as beautifully with day-to-day outfits and will look as great with a formal date night outfit.

Beachy and fun, this French nails design is perfect for when you’re in a vacation mood. Not only does it look pretty, it is also easy to create. While this turquoise version is fun, summery, and resembles a beach shore, you can also use teal or sea green shades of nail colours to make this French nail pattern resemble a rocky river.


Photo: Shutterstock