Jubin Nautiyal: Music Is The Only True Magic Left In The World

The singer believes that music heals the world every single day and sees no caste, religion or race.

Published On Jun 21, 2022 | Updated On Mar 01, 2024


For popular singer Jubin Nautiyal, music has always meant the world. “It is the only thing I can run back to, no matter what happens in life. I would have been a different person, if not for music. It has saved me and music is the only superhero with powers in today's world," he says. 

Taking about the universality of music, he adds, “It’s the only true magic left in the world. It transcends caste, race, religion; music heals the world every single day. It adds depth and individuality to all our lives, keeping us united and in touch with our emotions, roots, culture. Music helps us evolve as better human beings. It is like God that's living amongst us in the form of music.”


Jubin celebrated his birthday recently, and talking exclusively to Zee Zest about it, he says, “It was special. I got to be with my family and friends on the eve of my birthday (June 14), and on the day I was on stage, killing it, doing the one thing I know - playing music!” 


The singer feels that during the pandemic we all learnt the true value of music. “Now as the world has opened up, we are all celebrating the end of the dark hour. And what better way to celebrate than music. I think the non- film music scene in India has really evolved beautifully and I think whenever there is a switch in the music scene, we always come out stronger and with a beautiful genre. I think the independent music scene is flourishing in India currently. It's giving artists like me who belong to small towns to live big dreams. I think today, one's talent can pave their path. I think a lot of talented artists are releasing great music on their independent channels, with minimal marketing and promotion budgets doing so great and that's the power of music. That is one thing that makes me believe in the power of music more and more.”


Jubin, who is known for his Bollywood songs - Raataan Lambiyan from Shershaah, Kinna Sona' from Marjaavaan', Akh Lad Jaave from Loveyatri and others - acknowledges that the audio OTT space has witnessed a massive boom in the last couple of years and there is a distinct rise in the popularity of film and non-film songs. “Yes, that's the power of music. Good music always seeps in through any platform. With the rise of digital avenues, there are great stories that are being told and they need good music.”

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