Failure Frame Anime Debuts July 2024! (Trailer, Manga & More)

From novel to manga to now anime, fan favourite Failure Frame is slated to release this July. Here's all you need to know.

Published On Jun 08, 2024 | Updated On Jun 18, 2024


Based on the Japanese light novel series by Kaoru Shinozaki, Failure Frame anime is set to release in July 2024, and has gotten fans all over the world excited about the adaptation. While there has not been an official Failure Frame release date that has been announced, the series is expected to air sometime in July first week. 
After the Failure Frame manga adaption in 2019, the Failure Frame anime, produced by Seven Arcs will be going live this year.
Here’s all you need to know about Failure Frame anime


A revenge saga, and hence a bit on the darker side, Failure Frame follows the story of Tōka Mimori and his classmates who have been summoned to a fantasy world by a goddess. Here, they’ll put their skills and talents to use and act as heroes. As their strengths reveal themselves, it turns out that Tōka Mimori has an E-rank, and his skills are deemed not as exceptional as his mates. As a result, the goddess decides to banish him to a dungeon, where it is discovered that not only he has talent but also it isn’t a regular talent like his classmates but one that is powerful enough to change everything. What happens when he vows revenge for the treatment that was meted out to him makes the plot of the Failure Frame anime.

The Failure Frame series is set to release in the first week of July 2024 and is helmed by Tesla Note fame Michio Fukuda. Character design for Failure Frame anime is done by Kanna Hashidate who was also the co-chief animation director for Extreme Hearts. The cast of Failure Frame anime includes Ryota Suzuki who lends his voice to Tōka Mimori, Saki Miyashita as Seras Ashrain, Ayumi Tsukui playing Piggymaru, and Ami Koshimizu bringing Vicius to life. Apart from this Failure Frame cast, two other big names associated with the project are Chained Soldier fame Yasuhiro Nakanishi, who will be the series composer, and Tatsuhiko Saiki as the series music composer, who you might remember from The Dawn Of The Witch.

Photo: IMDb/FailureFrame