Escape Reality With Fantasy K-Dramas: A Perfect Night-In Watchlist

Fantasy K-dramas are renowned for their intricate storytelling and the immersive worlds they craft through compelling characters, captivating plots, and impressive production values. Here are some of the most popular fantasy Kdramas to watch.

Published On Sep 14, 2023 | Updated On Feb 23, 2024


South Korean TV and web series, collectively known as K-dramas, have experienced a remarkable surge in popularity, driven by various elements of South Korean culture. These dramas are celebrated for their compelling narratives, captivating storytelling, and, of course, their attractive cast and stunning filming locations. As a result, K-dramas have earned a special place in the hearts of many viewers and are considered a favourite pastime.

Distinguished by their refreshing departure from conventional entertainment, K-dramas transport viewers to alternate realms and eras, offering a rich and immersive experience. The meticulous world-building and attention to detail in these series are truly commendable. Whether presenting purely fantastical worlds or blending elements of fantasy with historical settings, fantasy K-dramas consistently captivate audiences. Even upon repeated viewings, they retain their ability to evoke the same emotional rollercoaster as if it were the first time.

What sets fantasy K-dramas apart is their ability to combine various genres, such as historical, romantic, thriller, and even supernatural or horror elements, into the fantasy landscape. This diversity ensures that viewers have a wealth of options to explore within the genre. Furthermore, some of these K-dramas incorporate local folklore and traditional stories that have been passed down through generations in South Korea. This adds an extra layer of familiarity and nostalgia, enhancing the intrigue surrounding these fantasy K-dramas.

Here are some amazing fantasy K-dramas to watch 

A famous fantasy K-drama, this series continues to enjoy immense popularity to this day. Drawing inspiration from folklore featuring demons, ghosts, grim reapers, and goblins, this series is a true delight to watch. Featuring an exceptionally talented cast, including some of the most famous names in South Korean acting like Gong Yoo and Lee Dong-wook, the show manages to humanize these supernatural characters. Along with its intricate plot, interconnected destinies, and elements of tragedy, this series is a must-watch.
Release year: 2016

Currently streaming on: Netflix and MX player among others

Highly praised as one of the best K-dramas in recent years, this fantasy romantic comedy is a must-watch if you're in the mood for a heartwarming story. Set in a world where the female protagonist played by Park Bo-young, possesses supernatural physical strength, a trait that runs in her family, you'll quickly find yourself rooting for Bong-Soon.

As she navigates through daily life, yearning for love and finding herself in the midst of an intriguing love triangle, you'll be thoroughly entertained and amused. Witnessing how the female lead triumphs over various challenges, some more serious than others, is what makes this K-drama both hilarious and heartwarming.
Release year: 2017

Currently streaming on: Netflix

In this captivating fantasy K-drama, penned by the renowned Hong Sisters, viewers are in for an amazing series that promises to be nothing short of exceptional. The storyline revolves around a male protagonist who unexpectedly finds himself in charge of a hotel, not for the living, but for the souls of the departed. This intriguing premise instantly piques the audience's interest.

As the male lead takes up his unusual responsibility, a series of events unfolds, and his growing affection for the thousand-year-old owner adds an extra layer of depth to this enthralling plot. 
Release year: 2019

Currently streaming on: Netflix, and Amazon Prime among others

Lee Min-ho takes the lead in this captivating fantasy K-drama that skillfully explores the realms of multiple universes and time travel. In a dual role, he portrays the King of his homeland in one universe, while serendipitously encountering an entirely distinct version of his beloved country, one he's known throughout his life. With a remarkable ensemble cast, the actor delivers an outstanding performance that elevates this series to greatness.

The narrative skillfully weaves classic themes of power struggles and the eternal battle between good and evil, all while infusing clever twists and turns. Additionally, the series cleverly incorporates local folklore, adding depth and intrigue to this must-watch K-drama.
Release year: 2020

Currently streaming on: Netflix

South Korean folklore has long enticed children with tales of gumihos, the mythical nine-tailed foxes possessing extraordinary supernatural abilities. This K-drama draws inspiration from these cherished folk narratives, immersing viewers in a world rich with tradition.
At its heart, the story revolves around a lovestruck deity, a gumiho, who makes a fateful choice to relinquish his divine status in pursuit of rekindling his human romance. This pivotal decision triggers an uncontrollable chain of events, unleashing a thrilling narrative that will keep you glued. As the protagonist is reunited with his beloved, they must confront the ultimate evil force while navigating complex relationships, including a compelling conflict with his own brother.
Release year: 2020

Currently streaming on: Netflix and Amazon Prime among others

This riveting fantasy K-drama unfolds a compelling narrative featuring a bullied high-schooler, seemingly ordinary noodle shop workers, and a shocking reality where demons not only exist but also strive to infiltrate human society. As the plot thickens, it is revealed that these unassuming noodle shop employees are, in fact, skilled demon hunters who come to the aid of the tormented high schooler.

In a dramatic turn of events, the bullied student embraces his destiny, emerging as the youngest member of this extraordinary team of demon hunters. Prepare to be captivated as they engage in mind-blowing battles against malevolent demons, dedicated to safeguarding humanity from the looming threat.
Release year: 2020

Currently streaming on: Netflix

Allow us to introduce you to Hong-Ji Ah, the proprietor of Daebak Real Estate, a unique establishment specialising in assisting homeowners with the challenging task of selling properties plagued by hauntings. Notably, our female protagonist is also a skilled exorcist, adept at confronting these restless spirits with the assistance of gifted mediums. In a twist of fate, she encounters her most potent medium to date: the male protagonist. Together, their adventures are filled with a delightful blend of humour, camaraderie, and collaboration.
However, the narrative takes a captivating turn when the female lead embarks on a quest to unravel the mystery surrounding her mother's enigmatic demise. During her investigation, she stumbles upon a surprising revelation: the destinies of both protagonists are intricately interwoven. 
Release year: 2021

Currently streaming on: Netflix

This action-packed fantasy thriller K-drama sets itself apart from typical fantasy series by incorporating intense elements of suspense and horror, rather than relying solely on romantic themes. The story unfolds within the confines of a prestigious school that tragically becomes the epicentre of a deadly zombie apocalypse, subsequently engulfing the entire nation in a life-threatening crisis. The series offers a gripping and thrilling viewing experience as the surviving schools race against time to ensure their survival while external forces work tirelessly to uncover the epidemic's cause and, hopefully, eliminate it. The series is distinguished by its seat-gripping suspense, heart-pounding action sequences, and spine-chilling horror elements. 
Release year: 2022
Currently streaming on: Netflix

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