Embrace Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Celebrate Rakhi Sustainably

Wondering what to do with the single-use rakhis every year? Here are eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives you should check out.

Published On Aug 11, 2023 | Updated On Mar 02, 2024


Sometimes, our festive celebrations inadvertently harm the environment. Rakhi, in particular, witnesses the disposal of numerous rakhis within a short span, resulting in unnecessary waste and environmental pollution. As we face the challenges of global warming, it becomes imperative to adopt eco-friendly and sustainable practices. This Rakhi, let us explore seven ways to celebrate the festival with our siblings in an eco-friendly manner, making conscious choices for the well-being of our planet.

Here are seven eco-friendly alternatives for your Rakhi celebrations this year

Several brands now create rakhis from seeds and other biodegradable materials, allowing you to celebrate the festival without contributing to waste. Brands like SeedRakhi offer rakhis that can be planted in a pot with soil, water, and fertiliser, eventually growing into a plant. This eco-friendly choice not only eliminates excess waste but also contributes to a greener environment by planting more trees.

Embrace sustainability with cloth rakhis offered by brands like Nirmalaya, an eco-friendly lifestyle brand. These beautifully crafted rakhis are made from quality fabrics, encouraging you to preserve and upcycle them after the festivities. You can transform the rakhi into an accessory or décor item, reducing unnecessary waste and promoting a cleaner environment.

Enjoy the charm of crocheted yarn or wool rakhis from Samoolam, a brand specialising in handmade products. These adorable rakhis are not only sustainable but also eco-friendly. Once the celebrations are over, you can upcycle them into bookmarks or quirky décor pieces, adding a touch of creativity to your space while supporting the environment.

FabIndia offers a range of rakhis that last longer than traditional ones, such as the exquisite mirror-work rakhi. These rakhis can be worn as accessories beyond the festival, reducing waste and enhancing their utility. After Rakhi, you can restyle the rakhi into beautiful bracelets, earrings, or other accessories, making it a cherished and sustainable keepsake.

Jewellery brands like Noorah By J offer meenakari rakhis that can be repurposed as bracelets post-Rakhi celebrations. By choosing these designs, you transform your rakhi into a lasting piece of jewellery, elevating it from a single-use item to an enduring keepsake. This sustainable approach ensures a stylish and eco-friendly celebration.

Opt for thread-work rakhis from brands like Amala. Earth is designed to be versatile and eco-friendly. These multi-purpose rakhis allow you to upcycle them into DIY earrings, decorative pieces, or bookmarks after the festivities. By repurposing the rakhi, you contribute to waste reduction and promote sustainable practices.

For a playful yet sustainable Rakhi celebration, consider the cute metal and enamel rakhis available on IGPcom, a brand known for quirky home décor items. Transform these delightful motifs into eccentric pins to add a playful touch to your outfits post-Rakhi, making it a fun and eco-friendly choice.

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