Discover The Splendour Of Maharashtra's 7 Most Famous Ganpati Temples

Immerse yourself in a spiritual journey by visiting prominent Ganpati temples located across different cities in Maharashtra.

Published On Aug 10, 2023 | Updated On Mar 02, 2024


In the heartland of Maharashtra, profound devotion to Lord Ganpati prevails, transcending time and boundaries. Here, Lord Ganpati, affectionately known as Bappa to His adoring devotees, holds an esteemed place in the hearts of the people. With unwavering faith and reverence, the people of Maharashtra believe in Lord Ganpati as the vanquisher of troubles, sorrows, and sadness: a symbol of luck, joy, and celebration.

In every corner of the state, from young children to adults, and even the elderly, the spirit of devotion to Lord Ganpati shines brightly. With unmatched vigour and unbridled happiness, the people of Maharashtra worship Lord Ganpati throughout the year. It is a devotion that knows no bounds.

Within Maharashtra, numerous temples dedicated to Lord Ganpati stand as beacons of faith and spirituality. Each temple holds its own legends, rituals, and cherished tales that evoke a profound sense of awe and reverence. These temples are not just places of worship, but also cultural treasures that embody the deep-rooted faith and traditions of the land.
Join us on a journey to explore some of the most famous Ganpati temples in the state of Maharashtra. Immerse yourself in the legends, rituals, and faith that envelop each of these temples, as we unveil the profound devotion that resonates within the hearts of the people.

Ganpati temples in Maharashtra to go on a spiritual journey


Siddhivinayak Temple, in the city of Mumbai, is the most famous Ganpati temple in all of India. The temple is also counted as one of the richest temples in India. Built in 1801, the temple was originally much smaller than the impressive structure it is today. Highly revered, the Siddhivinayak temple is visited from all over India all through the year, with people from all walks of life coming to seek the blessings of Lord Ganpati.  


This Ganpati temple, located in the city of Pune, is one of the most famous Ganpati temples in all of Maharashtra. A most interesting snippet of fact about this temple is that the idol of Lord Ganesh that this temple houses, has been insured for a hefty sum of Rs. 1 crore. Established by a merchant and his wife in the 1800s when they lost their son to an epidemic, this ancient temple has a divine atmosphere. Devotees come from all across the country just to seek blessings and to view the beautiful idol of Lord Ganpati for themselves.


As it says in the very name of this temple, a beautiful idol of Lord Ganpati with ten arms has been carved out, entirely from white marble, and has been housed in the temple ever since its establishment. The idol is such a sight to behold that you will find people lining up and patiently waiting for their turn to receive blessings and witness the beautiful idol. The temple, in the city of Pune, has been made famous for the rare form that the idol of Lord Ganpati has, with ten arms, each holding a weapon or something equally symbolic.


In the city of Ratnagiri, you will find the picturesque premises of the Ganpatipule Ganesha temple. It is one of the most famous temples of Pune and is a very important place of worship for the local devotees. the serene surroundings of this temple will fill you with a sense of peace and calm. Said to be at least four hundred years old, the charming red-hued temple is set against the backdrop of the local hills while the sea stretches in front of it, making for an attractive tourist attraction as well.


This temple is located in the city of Thane. It sees a large number of devotees, coming from far and near, to seek blessings. According to a local legend around the temple, it is believed that wedded couples especially get their prayers fulfilled at this temple. Therefore, a large number of couples visit this temple to especially seek spiritual blessings for their married lives.


Another famous Ganpati temple, Padmalaya Ganpati temple has two idols instead of the usual one of Lord Ganesha. Interestingly, while the trunk of one of the idols faces in the right direction, the trunk of the other idol faces to the right. Such unique idols and there being two idols in the first place have made this temple a famous stop for Lord Ganpati devotees. It is also claimed that the pond that surrounds the temple has been home to lotuses since ancient times, adding to the mystic aura of this temple even more.  

Located in the city of Nashik, this temple is said to be one of the unmissable temples for Ganpati devotees. A magnificent temple that is believed to have been built in the eighteenth century, this temple holds an extremely reverent place for devotees. People visiting the temple for blessings believe the temple to positively answer every prayer made in front of Lord Ganpati. It is said that if you have not been able to visit the eight Ashtavinayak temples, you can seek blessing from the miniature representation of the eight Ganpati idols within this temple premises.

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