Beyond The Basics: Best Wedding Cards Design You Need To Bookmark

Whether it is fun and flirty, or sombre and thoughtful, whatever your style as a couple is, here are wedding invitation ideas that’ll help reflect that.

Published On Feb 22, 2024 | Updated On Mar 16, 2024


When it comes to weddings, the trend today is to incorporate the details and nuances of the relationship in everything. May it be the decor, the outfits, or the venue, weddings are becoming more and more personalised, and you can see this trend now in wedding invitation ideas as well. Whether it is matching the overall theme with the wedding invitation ideas, or incorporating your pets to create a wedding invitation unique as possible, these card designs have all the inspiration you need for your wedding card.

Here are the best wedding cards design options for you to choose from

Tres chic, and nuanced, this is the best wedding cards design for people who want to keep it minimalistic yet elegant. Whether it is the dove design, or the matching envelopes and ribbons to complement the design, this stands out in the sea of wedding invitation ideas, and is a perfect option for a wedding event with close-knit guests.

General wedding invitation ideas can often be boring if you are a couple that looks for fun. Apart from incorporating different colours in your wedding invitation ideas, you can also explore different shapes. This wedding invitation for example, is bright, colourful, and at the same time stands out with its unique shape.

Embossing is a technique widely used in wedding invitation ideas, but what makes this the best wedding cards design if you like embossed texture is how it marries simplicity into the design. Unlike regular wedding invitation ideas where at most the names of the couple are embossed, this design has all the quick details strung in a cheeky sentence and with the embossing, it just gives a very personalised and warm feeling.

Soft, gauzy, and ethereal, this is the best wedding cards design for people who want to keep it classy. Not only this stands out in all the regular wedding invitation ideas, this design also will get you all the compliments for the balance between the elegant card, and its rustic leather envelope.

If minimalistic wedding invitation ideas are not your type, then may we suggest taking a desi route with these Mughal inspired wedding invitation ideas. With its traditional motifs, subtle colour schemes, and soothing fonts, this is the best wedding cards design for couples that want something traditional while making sure it doesn’t look gaudy.

If you are unsure of what kind of wedding invitation ideas you like, floral is the way to go. Whether it is simple floral designs, or incorporating floral motifs in the shape of the card, these wedding invitation ideas never miss hitting the mark. If you are a fan of sweet subtle wedding invitation ideas, opt for pastel colours and flower motifs like that of lotus, but if you like your wedding invitation ideas dramatic, then you can also go for bright colours and flower motifs like that of marigold.

Pop of colour in your wedding invitation ideas doesn’t have to be limited to floral designs. This wedding card inspired by the beautiful tones of Wes Anderson films is niche, thoughtfully designed and fun. If colourful wedding invitation ideas that tell the story of the couple well is what you are looking for, this is hands down the best wedding cards design. 

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