Best Of Planner And Journal Brands To Keep You Organised

Stay on track and never miss a beat with these stylish and functional planners and journals. Get organised today!

Published On Oct 03, 2023 | Updated On Mar 20, 2024


Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by a mountain of tasks, unsure of where to even begin? Does it feel like your life is in chaos due to an endless list of pending work? These planners are here to simplify your life. A well-structured schedule is a reflection of a serene life. Regardless of the workload, effective planning can alleviate half of the challenges. Planning is the cornerstone of achieving success in life. Cultivating the habit of creating a to-do list and adhering to a well-organised planner can bring you the satisfaction of completing tasks on time. Keep your year organised and delightful with these charming planners.

Popular brands that provide premium planners

Alicia Souza is a dedicated illustrator with a profound passion for the art of drawing, painting, and crafting exquisite stationery products. One of her recent creations, the immensely popular Busy Bee Planner, has swiftly captured the hearts of stationery enthusiasts far and wide. It has quickly become a must-have for those who are enthusiastic about documenting their lives. This planner boasts ample space for jotting down important notes, and its monthly grid allows you to organise your to-do lists effectively. What's more, it provides a dedicated space for you to keep track of your favourite books and movies, making it a well-rounded tool for various aspects of life. With this trending planner by your side, you'll find the motivation and organisation you need to stay on top of your game throughout the entire year.
Price: Starting at Rs 1799
Where to buy: Their Website

Odd Giraffe is a unique brand specialising in tailor-made planners and notebooks that cater to your specific needs. Their product range includes wellness journals, productivity planners, daily organisers, gratitude journals, list notepads, and a variety of other personalised items, all at affordable prices.
What sets Odd Giraffe apart is their customization options. You have the freedom to select your preferred planner and add a personal touch by having your name printed on its cover. Additionally, they frequently offer enticing discounts and special promotions. With these exceptional undated planners at your disposal, there's no need to rush through your task planning anymore.
Price: Ranging from Rs 1799
Where to buy: Their website

Bare Necessity is a renowned brand that champions sustainable living through its distinctive stationery products crafted with zero-waste principles. Their collection features an assortment of planners, including weekly and monthly planning sheets.
For those who prefer a clean and minimalist approach to organisation, this planner is the ideal choice. If you're shopping online, you can take advantage of a first-time purchase discount by using the code provided on their website. These undated planners serve as a fantastic starting point for embarking on a journey towards a more organised and sustainable life.
Price: Rs 1200
Where to buy: Their website

Ektara, nurtured by the dedication of its woman entrepreneur, Aishwarya, offers an extensive collection of planners and journals. Crafted from handmade paper, these products are not only charming but also eco-friendly. 
Ektara's planners strike the perfect balance between spaciousness and charm, reflecting thoughtful design tailored to meet your needs. Affordable and trusted by hundreds of customers worldwide, Ektara planners are poised to enhance your daily routine. Their commitment to eco-friendliness promises to infuse happiness and focus into your life through their environmentally conscious planners.
Price: Starting from Rs 350
Where to buy: Their website

The June Shop is a widely-loved brand, known for its dated planners designed to inspire a disciplined life. These planners go the extra mile by incorporating inspirational reminders to motivate you and help you maintain your routines.
What truly sets The June Shop's planners apart are the vibrant sketches and captivating illustrations that adorn their pages, making them an irresistible addition to your collection. Notable features of their planners include uplifting Spotify song codes, Ikigai worksheets, skill-building lists, and a bucket list.
These premium-quality planners are readily available for online purchase via their website. Beyond planners and journals, The June Shop offers a diverse range of products encompassing Home and Living, personal care, fashion, eyewear, and more.
Price: Starting from Rs 2299
Where to buy: Their website

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