8 Books To Start A Reading Habit In 2022

It doesn't take years to create a reading habit—you simply need to figure out which genre works best for you.

Published On Jul 18, 2022 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Reading is among the most beneficial hobbies you can have. For the greater part of two millennia, books have been mankind's most important source of information and enjoyment. Reading has long been associated with intelligence and it keeps your mind busy and enables you to be innovative, analytical, and imaginative. Reading can help you relieve stress, increase your interpretive skills, stimulate your creative side, and improve your sleep amongst many other things.

Regardless of what people say, it is never too late to build a reading habit. It doesn't take years to create a reading habit—you simply need to figure out which genre works best for you.

To find the best books to read for beginners, you'll need to develop the habit of active reading. Quick and amusing novels with comparatively smaller chapters are the best books to start a reading habit. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, for instance, is less than 100 pages and is an easy read for beginners. Here are some good books to read for beginners:

Indian authors


Malgudi Days is a full-colour depiction of RK Narayan's fictitious town that captures the spirit of India and humanity. The book contains almost 40 narratives centred on Narayan's stunning and mystical images. This is one of the best books for beginners.

The Palace of Illusions transports us to a period that is part history, half mythology, and entirely fantastic. In the famous epic Mahabharata, the focus is Panchali, the bride of the Pandava siblings.

The story follows the queen Panchaali from her conception in a fire to her life as a woman with five husbands who had been tricked out of their father's land. Panchali is pulled into their quest to reclaim their history, joining them through years of exile and a horrific civil war involving all of India's major empires. If you are thinking about easy books to read as a beginner, this one is a complete mix of twists and turns that you will like.


This is a great compilation of nine short tales by Jhumpa Lahiri. The stories are based on the lives of Indians and Native Americans caught between two civilizations. The novel was released in 1999 and went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction as well as the Hemingway Foundation award. It has sold almost 15 million units worldwide.

Train to Pakistan traces the story of a fictional village, Mano Majra, and how the Partition of India and Pakistan divided families here. The book is written by Khushwant Singh and is one of the classics, depicting the complexity of the time in clear detail.

International authors


Life's unexpected twists and turns can derail even the best-laid plans, but you must continue. Even when things take a dark turn and you can't picture a happy ending, you'll find it difficult to put this novel down making it one of the best books to read for beginners.


Throughout her journal, a young Anne Frank recalls the difficulties she and her family experienced as they attempt to flee Nazi Germany's totalitarian rule. The journal covers two years of her life at the hidden annexe, from the age of 13 to the age of 15, when it was discovered.

The diary is notable for its honesty and the naive perspective of a young Jewish girl who desired nothing more than to live a regular existence. This is an excellent place to begin if you want to widen your views and see the world through new eyes.

This Khaled Hosseini book explores the deeply embedded class and culture divide that runs through different parts of the world. The book's story traces the lives of Amir and Hassan—two young boys who spend time together but are not alike. While Amir is a rich Pashtun boy, Hassan is his servant's child. 

Their class divide is highlighted throughout the book, which also talks about redemption and a kite flying tournament that holds importance in the lives of Amir and Hassan. An emotional rollercoaster ride makes The Kite Runner a suitable read for first-timers.

The Alchemist is a book that questions the existence of human beings. It sheds light on morale, ethics, and physiology behind what society perceives as right and wrong. The plot narrates the story of Santiago, a shepherd who believes a recurring dream to be a prophecy. With the desire to uncover the mystical dream, he visits a fortuneteller, who directs him to find a treasure in the pyramids of Egypt. On his journey, he discovers the truth of life. This book by Paulo Coelho is an easy read for beginners because it uses simple language to narrate an eye-opening life story.

Reading is one of the most beneficial habits you can develop. This not only improves your vocabulary but also helps you think rationally. Books are a strong medium of knowledge, discoveries, imagination, and much more. So, get your hands on one of these books and start your journey of becoming an avid reader today! 

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