'Alien: Romulus' Release Date, Trailer, Cast & More

Suit up, space jockeys, it's about to get bloody. 'Alien: Romulus' is coming this season to surprise you with a fresh cast and hints of a terrifying return to the Xenomorph's domain.

Published On Apr 09, 2024 | Updated On Apr 09, 2024


Does watching out Xenomorph satisfy your soul like no other and spine chilling space horror adds on to the thrill? So, hold onto your helmets because we're about to blast off into a new chapter of the Alien franchise — Alien: Romulus. Set for a theatrical release in August 2024, this highly anticipated film promises to bring back the chills, the shiver, and those oh-so-unsettling acid-for-blood thrills.

At the helm of this terrifying voyage is director Fede Álvarez, known for his chilling horror flicks like Evil Dead. With him on board, you can bet we're in for a white-knuckle ride. But Alien: Romulus isn't just about jump scares and flashy effects (though, let's be honest, those are pretty darn important). The whispers on the wind suggest a return to the classic Alien aesthetic, the kind that Ridley Scott crafted back in 1979. Think shadows, suspense, and a healthy dose of claustrophobia – all the ingredients that made the original a masterpiece.

So, are you ready to step back into the terrifying world of Alien? So, read along for all things Alien: Romulus – trailers, release date, cast and maybe even some deep dives into Xenomorph biology (because, you know, science).

Alien: Romulus release date 

Alien: Romulus/ IMDb

Dust off your spacesuit and prepare for a terrifying descent into a new chapter of the Alien saga. Alien: Romulus sets a crash course for theaters on 16th August 2024, promising to inject fresh blood – literally, we hope they avoid that — into the franchise.

Alien: Romulus cast

Alien: Romulus/IMDb

Ditch the crew manifest of the original Alien – Alien: Romulus is all about fresh faces. While details about their roles are still under wraps, the cast has been cryogenically frozen. We mean, officially announced.  

Leading the charge is Cailee Spaeny, who signed on in November 2022. Spaeny will portray Rain Carradine, the film's protagonist. Is she the next Ripley?  Only time (and maybe some Xenomorph encounters) will tell. As per the whispers, joining the cast will be David Jonsson, Archie Renaux, Isabela Merced, Spike Fearn and Aileen Wu.

Alien: Romulus trailer 

The newly released trailer for Alien: Romulus is a masterclass in tension. We open on a group of young space explorers, their wide eyes filled with a mix of wonder and trepidation as they navigate a seemingly abandoned space station. Claustrophobic corridors and flickering lights hint at the danger lurking unseen. Eerie whispers and metallic scrapes send shivers down your spine before a fleeting glimpse of a razor-sharp inner jaw confirms your worst fears – the Xenomorph is back.  

The trailer cuts between desperate chases through zero-gravity and the chilling emergence of a facehugger, its parasitic intentions laid bare. With each fleeting shot, the dread intensifies, leaving you both terrified and desperate to see how this new chapter in the Alien saga unfolds.

Photo: Alien: Romulus/ IMDb