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8 Quirky Customised Stationery Brands To ‘Book’mark

Take a break from doomscrolling, pick up a pen and start doodling, drawing or putting your thoughts to paper. These delightful stationery products will make it easier.

Rashmi Gopal Rao

Few things are more exciting than seeing your name embossed on your favourite hot pink notebook or opening the crisp pages of your personal gratitude journal. And if you are someone who loves unconventional and Bohemian imagery, having it printed on your stationery is pure joy.  Welcome to the world of customised and quirky stationery. In today’s age of electronic communication where big tech companies have us spiralling, one tends to think that stationery is passe. But it is key to note that according to reports, the stationery market in India is growing at a CAGR of over 10 percent and the demand for personalised stationery is buoyant too.  Innovation in printing technologies, rising consumption and an increasing preference for creative stationery has further fuelled the market.  

If you’re looking to spend a little time away from your electronic device to express yourself and connect with others, picking up a pen and paper might just be the right start. Here are some brands that retail classic as well as whimsical stationery for all you stationery junkies.

Dots And Doodles

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©Instagram/Dots and Doodles 

From personalised pencils to wax seal stamp sets bearing unusual prints, Dots and Doodles has it all. Their letterheads , notepads, journals, planners and even stickers sport prints ranging from bespoke botanicals to quirky animals.  Be sure to check their fun range of ‘to-do’ lists and recipe cards.  They also have specialised journals for wellness, gratitude and recipes too. Complementing the latter are a set of cute recipe stickers that enhance the quality of your notes!  Jungle themed doodle notebooks, junior planners as well as school stickers have children and young adults asking for more. 

Check them out here.

Happy Wagon

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©Instagram/Happy Wagon

A brand that is all about fun, love and self-expression, Happy Wagon has merchandise that literally ‘exudes’ happy vibes.  Artistic yet cheerful, Happy Wagon’s stationery is curated byartists across the world. Apart from journals, planners, notebooks and sketch books, they have creatively designed desk organisers, stamps and even a pregnancy journal coupled with a bump box.  A great way to make some wonderful memories indeed! Check out their ‘little divinity’ range suitable for children that has calendars, games, puzzles, books, etc., with endearing prints of Gods and Goddesses.  It is an ideal way to educate children about our culture. 

Check them out here.  

Odd Giraffe

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©Instagram/Odd Giraffe

Bright colours that are symbols of hope and positivity form the essence of stationery from this lifestyle brand. Complementing these colours are a plethora of prints and patterns with old school gingham checks, awning stripes and vintage florals dominating the covers of Odd Giraffe’s planners, journals and notebooks. If you like something more subtle check their planners that have typography with quotes on their covers.  They also have unique products like bullet journals and productivity planners. 

Check them out here.


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©Instagram/Paperholic Design Studio

A comprehensive stationery and gifting brand, Paperholic design studio, has a whole range of gift tags, gift bags, wine bags as well as wrapping paper apart from notebooks, planners and notepads.  Available in a variety of designs ranging from vintage houses, quirky flamingos, owls and dinosaurs to even suave Mughal and Moroccan prints, they have a separate collection for kids.  And if you are a frequent traveller, do not miss their personalised travel sets in tropical designs and deep hues that come with a quote and your name. 

Check them here.  

Doodle Collection

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©Instagram/Doodle Collection

A brand offering concept-oriented and trend-based stationery to suit the preferences of millennials and Gen-Z, Doodle Collection has a plethora of designer diaries, notebooks, planners and lifestyle products. Their collection is based on moods like quirky, glam, motivational, coffee, travel and the like.  So, whether you are a fitness freak, a travel enthusiast, an office executive or simply a 'sanskari rebel', Doodle Collection has something for everyone!  From motifs of devils, unicorns, paisleys to ikkat and shibori, the merchandise is replete with witty and whimsical quotes.  Apart from unique offerings like a happiness journal, they also have tote bags, bags, wallets, pouches and notecards. 

Check them here

Intelligent Idiots

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©Instagram/Intelligent Idiots

Quirk is the only way to work is the motto of this vibrant and fun brand that offers a host of creative and ‘out of the box’ merchandise.  With a distinct ‘in your face’ cheeky vibe, you can shop for diaries with unusual themes including “Brother sister”, “Nautanki”, “Drama Queen” and “Masti ki Pathashala” diaries!  Their mouse pads also have some characteristic Indian iconography such as an “auto”, “muccchi” (moustache)and even a village themed mousepad. 

Check them here.

Kulture Shop

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©Instagram/Kulture Shop

A brand that aims to dispel the notion that art is only for the rich and for galleries, Kulture Shop is essentially a collaboration of Indian artists from all over the world whose objective is to bring art into people’s daily lives. With fresh, bold and thought-provoking art adorning all their products, their stationery range consists of A6 notebooks, greeting cards, post cards, books and zines. Check out their notebooks with innovative illustrations like Kathakali, Dilli Haat, Bombay Kaali Peeli (Mumbai Taxis) and others depicting quintessentially Indian push carts and quotes like “Spread Hummus and not Hate’. 

Check them here.

The Paper Company

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©Instagram/The Paper Company India

If you are a fan of luxurious stationery, check out The Paper Company, an online stationery boutique that sources the best paper goods from all over the world. Their stationery range is huge with cards, notebooks, planners, desk essentials, lists and custom stickers. Whether you want encouragement or sympathy cards, baby books, therapy notebooks, honeymoon scrap books, wedding planners, project journals, and even energy balance task lists, The Paper company has them all.  Thoughtfully curated with bespoke motifs that include botanicals, wildlife, quirky cartoons and travel-based images, they also have a gift guide section. 

Check them here.

Photo: Shutterstock; Featured brands


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