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13 Best Planners And Journals To Achieve Your Goals In 2022

From recipe journals to motivating planners, conquering 2022 has just been made easy!

Tejashee Kashyap

The arrival of a new year gives us another excuse to hoard pretty planners, diaries, and satisfying journals. After all, don’t we all want to track tasks, take notes, and plan our weeks and months? Planners and journals have always proved to be one of the best ways to stay organised, focused, and always ahead of our schedules.

If you’re struggling to juggle a busy work-leisure schedule, are always in a hurry to note down something very important, want to ‘Marie Kondo’ your tasks, or need a helping hand to organise your schedule—we have found the best planners and journals to keep you inspired and motivated in 2022.

1. Everything Planner, Comma Products

For real busy bees who need a vibrant dose of fun colours in a planner to kickstart the year, this one is packed with a 54-week glance view, month and year-at-a-glance sections, important dates of the year, and many more features. The vibrant monotones with abstract nature prints promise to help you stay focused and increase your productivity. This planner offers tons of space for day-to-day note taking too.

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2. Classic 12 Month Planner, Odd Giraffe

New beginnings are in order, and Odd Giraffe’s 2022 planners are a reminder of hope and positivity. The theme for their 2022 planners is 'optimism'. The brand collaborated with over 10 female artists from around the world and asked them to make designs keeping the theme in mind—and the result is beautiful and empowering, with assorted planners featuring rich visuals. Their 2022 planners make getting organised fun and simple. Inside you’ll find year, month, and week views, tons of pages, lots and lots of stickers, monthly goals, reflection and habit trackers. Besides that, the planners come with encouraging weekly fun to-dos like 'mail a card to your best friend' and compliments to keep you going.

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3. Pocket-Sized Planner, Baar Baar Dekho

This quirky pocket-sized planner is slim and chic but without dates. Being pocket-sized and refillable, it allows you to add to your yearly planner bit by bit or throw away the pages to start afresh in the next year. With quotes scattered here and there, this easy planner is what you need for your hopes, dreams, and optimism for the New Year.

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4. The 2022 Happy Planner Bundle, Pop It Out

Who doesn’t want a colourful, doodle design planner to start the New Year on a bright note? The vibrant design that runs all across this planner helps you jot down your dreams and goals more efficiently. The 244-paged planner comes with a hard-bound cover, a pen loop, lots of stickers, and separate sections for monthly goals, to-dos, important events, and budget planning. From habit tracker and period tracker to gratitude column and goal tracker—this diary will be a lovely companion for the coming year.

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5. Alice In Wonderland Journal, Dots & Doodles

This undated journal is for your big ideas, inspirations, and to-do lists. This beautifully-designed journal cum planner, which can be personalised with your initials or full name, helps you achieve your goals in style. Available in two variants, blank or ruled pages, it’s a joy to use this journal.

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6. A Well-Designed Day Planner, Studio Aoura

As the name of this planner says out loud, these undated planners are intricately designed and celebrate the everyday ordinary with thoughtfully laid out pages and spreads. The insides contain to-do lists, budget expenses, and a section for weekly reflections to pen down how you feel, your goals and plans. It also comes with inspirational quotes and vibrant illustrations to uplift the spirit as you pass the days. The pretty floral designs on the cover make it a must-have.

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7. Sabzi Recipe Journal, Callidsign

Whether it’s home-cooked meals, fine dining, or an irresistible dessert—food connects all of us. If you’re someone whose happy place is the kitchen, it’s time to invest in a recipe journal this New Year where you can write about your adventures in the kitchen and other food-related things that pique your interest. If you have recipes passed down for generations or a recipe that you have discovered as a quarantine cook—pen them down here so you know where to look for your comfort food.  

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8. Digital Detox Journal, The Ink Bucket

We have spent half of our lives glued to our laptop and mobile screens. Giving up your digital devices, even for just a few hours or days can be tough. That said, all of us at some point or the other have thought about going into a full ‘digital detox’ mode. The Inkbucket’s Digital Detox Journal guarantees more page time and less screen time. With inspiring content, vibrant designs to keep you engaged, and a few prompts in between for activities that can grow into regular hobbies—this journal creates avenues for a much-needed digital detox!

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9. Reusable Planner, The Goofy Store

The pandemic really made us focus on living a mindful life and that is not just limited to shopping for fashion and beauty essentials. When it comes to yearly planners and journals, the same outlook must be followed. Introducing a fun reusable planner by homegrown brand, The Goofy Store. This planner happens to be a large-sized reusable sheet that you write upon with a gel pen and then wipe away easily—it’s like a cool whiteboard for your space! It comes pre-designed with elements that keep track of your shopping list, to-do list, weekly calendar schedules, appointments, reminders, and so much more. 

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10. 2022 Planners & Calendars, Alicia Souza

 Did you really think a list with the best planners for the next year would be complete without Alicia Souza’s yearly creations? Her yearly calendar or planner has now become synonymous with her beautiful designs. The all-new 2022 planner is cuter than ever and more durable too with textured paper and a mini-wellness tracker in addition to the usual monthly habit tracker and meal planner. The planner is filled with new adorable illustrations.

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11. Gold Rush Notebook Diary, Navneet HQ

For those on the go, these diary-like notebooks are easy to maintain without much fuss. The rich gold effect in the design gives it a decorative look, which makes it a perfect choice. These notebooks come in classic gold and rose gold designs along with abrasion-proof zip-lock packaging too. This one adds a bit of glam and richness to the desk.

12. Journal Multifunction, Nappa Dori

Featuring a raw and rustic look, the journals from Nappa Dori invite you to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. The journal comes with a leather pocket and two pen loops on the front panel. Even, the exterior is composed of strong greyboard and genuine leather.

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13. Bare’s Planner, Bare Necessities

The OG organic and clean lifestyle brand and platform, Bare Necessities just debuted their sustainable 2022 planner. It’s an un-dated hardcover planner designed to help you plan your days mindfully and with purpose. It includes both monthly and weekly trackers, interesting recipes and sustainability tips along with motivational quotes and a dedicated space with ideas, prompts to help one reflect with gratitude.

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