7 Japanese Romantic Dramas That Are Sure To Make You Swoon

Romance-based series have always been top favourites for viewers across the world for a reason and countries such as Japan, South Korea and more have consistently produced romantic dramas that have gone on to become huge hits. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular Japanese romantic dramas to add to your wish list.

Published On Dec 22, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Over the last few years, for example, the last decade and such, the production of romance dramas has gotten even better, grander and elaborate in a sense. Especially during the last few years, romantic dramas from Japan, South Korea, the US, and other countries have consistently produced romantic dramas that have gone on to become extremely popular and have amassed a mass fan following. Among such international romantic dramas, especially Asian romantic dramas, romance J-dramas have become a raging hit. Their storyline, actors’ skills, chemistry, visual effects and many more factors, all come together to make romance J-dramas the hits they go on to become, many times more famous than Western series altogether. Gradually becoming more popular globally, many romantic Japanese dramas on Netflix, Amazon Prime and more streaming channels are simply a treat to watch. Add these lovely romantic dramas to your wish lists and get the entertainment for your night-in sorted. As suggestions for your winter OTT viewing sessions, we bring you some of the most romantic Japanese dramas.

Here are some endearing Japanese romantic dramas to add to your watchlist

One of the best Japanese dramas in the romance genre, First Love is famously inspired by two famous Hikaru Utada songs, this series is said to be a part of the most-watched romantic J-dramas. Also hailed to be one of the best romantic Japanese dramas on Netflix, this series is the story of two people who meet at a certain point in their adult life only to realise eventually that they have met before as well. How they retrace the events of their first love and how they eventually come together again for the plot of this series.

A popular Japanese romantic drama, this series has been praised by viewers and critics alike for the intricacy of the plot, the execution of the storyline as well as the acting of the lead actors and their on-screen chemistry. Following the life of the female lead and how she determines to help clear her mother of a murder charge, by getting married to the son of the murdered man himself is what lays the foundation for this series. As the events of this marriage between the two leads go about, the viewers will find themselves getting hooked and hoping for a happy ending for these star-crossed lovers. For these reasons and more, this series, rightfully, is counted among the most romantic Japanese dramas.  

When a popular actress and a politician decide to end their marriage and get divorced, their decision sets off a chain reaction from the many people in their families who may not agree with their decision. The series follows how their marriage looks like a happy union to the world while behind closed doors it has unfortunately crumbled down. Follow the events of this romantic comedy as the couple goes from challenge to challenge in their bid to get divorced from each other.

This series follows two people, the female and the male lead, as they navigate life and the events that make up their lives, all the while crossing each other’s path without realising it. Eventually, God himself descends on Earth just to make the lead pair realise that they are each other’s soulmates. Now all the male lead needs to do is to get the female lead to believe him. Follow this refreshing romantic comedy to witness if the lead couple does manage to fall for each other. This romantic comedy, available on Netflix, has been called one of the best Japanese dramas in the romance genre, in the last decade.

When an overworked, under-appreciated employee finally reaches her breaking point and quits her toxic workplace, she rejoices in finally being free. To start a new chapter, she joined a cosmetics company called ‘Animal Beauty’. What follows is her taking on her new responsibilities and challenges, while navigating her romantic life as she forms a connection with a kind, intelligent photographer as well as the CEO of the company. Who she ends up with eventually makes for the perfect climax for this sweet romance drama.

Inspired by a popular manga, this series is a teen romance drama perfect for everyone who wants to revisit their bygone days of youth. A coming-of-age romance, the series follows the female lead, who faces teasing from her classmates due to her looks and struggles with making friends as well as her self-confidence. Her life takes a pleasant turn when the male lead, a popular boy in her class, starts talking to her kindly and becomes her friend. How they navigate their school life and the challenges every youngster feels while also navigating through their feelings makes for a truly heart-warming watch.

A high school girl who finally gets her apartment and is looking to live all by herself is in for a shock when she finds out that she has to unexpectedly share her apartment with the popular boy of her class. Left with no other option but to continue as flatmates, while hiding the fact from fellow schoolmates makes for a hilarious but sweet plot. The journey from reluctant flatmates to friends to maybe, even more, is what makes this series a cute and delightful romantic drama.

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