6 Best Bookstores For Bibliophiles To Explore In Mumbai

Here are the best bookstores in Mumbai, where one can discover captivating stories, enrich their knowledge, and find solace in the world of words.

Published On Aug 23, 2023 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Mumbai, often referred to as the 'City of Dreams', is a vibrant metropolis that pulsates with energy and creativity. Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, Mumbai is home to a thriving literary culture with an array of bookstores that cater to the diverse tastes of bibliophiles. From historic landmarks to modern indie outlets, these bookstores offer a treasure trove of books that appeal to both avid readers and casual book enthusiasts.

Nestled in a heritage building in Fort, Kitab Khana is a delightful bookstore that embodies Mumbai's colonial charm. The store's architecture, with its arched windows and wooden shelves, adds a touch of nostalgia to the browsing experience. Kitab Khana curates an excellent selection of books, emphasising Indian authors, regional literature, and works in various languages. The bookstore's inviting café is a perfect spot to indulge in a book and a cup of coffee, making it an ideal retreat for book lovers seeking relaxation and literary exploration.

Trilogy, located in Santacruz, is not just a bookstore but a cultural haven that celebrates literature, arts, and community engagement. The store hosts numerous literary events, book readings, and creative workshops, attracting both authors and book enthusiasts. Trilogy's handpicked collection includes fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, and children's books, with a focus on independent and lesser-known authors. The store's cosy reading nooks and friendly staff make it a favourite spot for bibliophiles seeking a holistic and immersive literary experience.

Title Waves, situated in the vibrant neighbourhood of Bandra, is a contemporary bookstore with a modern and welcoming ambience. The store caters to all age groups, featuring an extensive collection of books, board games, and educational resources. Title Waves is also known for its impressive selection of graphic novels and manga, making it a haven for comic book enthusiasts. The store's lively atmosphere, regular book launches, and author interactions add to the bookstore's appeal, making it a must-visit for literary explorations in Mumbai.

Wayword & Wise, located in Fort, is a hidden gem for those seeking a curated selection of literature, art, and design books. The bookstore showcases an array of titles that appeal to creative minds and book connoisseurs. From art monographs and photography books to literary fiction and contemporary poetry, Wayword & Wise caters to a niche audience with a penchant for aesthetic and intellectual exploration. The store's minimalist design and handpicked collection create a unique and immersive book-browsing experience.

Granth Bookstore, also located in Juhu, is a haven for readers seeking books in Indian languages and regional literature. The store boasts an impressive collection of books in Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, and other regional languages, catering to Mumbai's diverse linguistic population. Granth Bookstore's commitment to promoting regional authors and preserving Indian literary heritage is commendable. For those looking to explore literature beyond English, Granth Bookstore is the perfect destination.

The bookstore chain Crossword Bookstores has a significant presence in Mumbai too, marked with multiple stores across the city. The stores offer a comprehensive selection of books in various genres, catering to both Indian and international authors. Crossword's well-stocked shelves, cosy reading corners, and friendly staff make it a popular choice for book lovers of all ages. The bookstore also hosts regular literary events and book discussions, creating a vibrant and engaging literary community.

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