Your COVID-19 Relief Contribution Can Bring You Returns

Buy a plum cake or a tart, learn Macrame, own limited-edition jewellery, and so much more, while you contribute for COVID-19 relief funds.

Published On May 04, 2021 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


There are several NGOs and groups around the country that are channelling their efforts towards COVID-19 relief and procurement of medical oxygen for our gasping nation in these times. The second wave of the pandemic has left us all battered and everyone wants to do their bit to help, in cash and in-kind. Individuals are at the forefront of running resource centres, volunteering all their time, and in the process, saving many lives. 

While contributing towards a cause is a reward, there are brands and individuals who will give you a token of their appreciation for it. From a boxful of bakes to a lesson in type design, here’s a list of unique COVID-19 relief fundraisers that you can contribute to.

Earlier this week, Neysa Mendes, baker and founder of Good Slice, a page for healthy recipes on Instagram, decided to do a COVID fundraiser called #BakeForIndia. Mendes was to bake 10 of her signature chocolate tarts and contribute the proceeds to Hemkunt Foundation that is working tirelessly to bridge the medical oxygen shortage in the country. The response was overwhelming, Mendes baked 12 tarts, and went on to urge others across cities to bake for COVID-19 relief. These bake sales tracked on a simple Google Doc, where 10 or more items are being auctioned, now span Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur and more. You can order plum cakes, pasta, cheesecake, tarts and souffles, all for a good cause. Add till when it is on?

Well-known type designer and co-founder of the Bangalore and Iceland-based studio, Universal Thirst, Kalapi Gajjar-Bordawekar is doing what he knows best. Sharing his skills with those who contribute to COVID-19 relief in India right now. Posted as an announcement on his Facebook page, Gajjar-Bordawekar has already managed to raise Rs 60,000 and is offering more time slots in exchange for donations. 

For anyone who contributes between Rs 100–5,000 to a COVID charity, he will offer a two-hour design consult. For those who contribute over Rs 5,000, Gajjar-Bordawekar will help in drawing glyphs and/or engineering fonts, a task that could normally take up to 40 hours of his time. 

For details and to reach out to him on Facebook or Instagram.

In a unique campaign, an illustrious list of non-resident Indian and other artists has come together to fundraise for COVID-19 relief. The campaign, which is open to both the diaspora and Indians, urges you to contribute 100 GBP or an equivalent amount towards the Mission Oxygen campaign by the Democracy People Foundation, on Ketto. Once you have made the contribution, you will receive a signed work from one of the artists on the list. 

The names include authors Sonia Faleiro, Salman Rushdie, Kamila Shamsie, Fatima Bhutto, Alice Albinia, Diksha Basu, Nikita Lalwani, Deepa Annapara, and many more. Other names are swiftly being added to the list and the campaign is open till May 6, 2021. 


Illustrator and comics artist Priya Kuriyan, who was also involved in COVID-19 relief work during the first wave through Quarancharity, is now putting out four of her illustrated prints for sale. These prints, sized 10 inches by 10 inches, cost Rs 2,500 each. Kuriyan requests that the donation be made to Hemkunt Foundation and a receipt shared with her. Donations can be made for Rs 2,500 and above. The prints available are ‘Salesgirls gone viral, ‘A cat with three different names’, Everybody be cool,’ and ‘Love(birds) in the time of corona’.


With several years of experience in product building, Anshumani Ruddra, now associated with Google Pay is offering to spend two hours on product building, organisation structure, career advice and more, if you make a contribution of Rs 50,000 or above to any COVID-related cause, including hospital bills, treatment and oxygen. Ruddra has also included a list of COVID charities in case you want to choose. 

Reach out to him over Twitter, let him know of the donation you have made, and Ruddra will book a time slot with you. 

The Delhi-based Studio Metallurgy by Advaeita Mathur, which draws from industrial design to create exquisite jewellery is stepping up for COVID-19 relief too. They have opened out their limited-edition section, with handcrafted pieces by Mathur herself, for an auction. With every piece bought here, 100 per cent of the proceeds will be donated to Hemkunt Foundation for oxygen cylinders, Give India’s Covid Missions and MCKS Food for Hungry Foundation, for meals for the underprivileged during the crisis. 

Last we checked, only a few of the pieces remained, so you might want to grab yours quickly. 

Macrame is the art of creating new textile using decorative knots. It has been gaining popularity in recent times and now you can learn it too. Macrame artist, Vishwa Narhwal, will let you participate in a two-day workshop that will teach you the basics of the form and how to make plant hangers, mandala mirrors, bags, and more. She will also give you lifetime access to some valuable macrame videos. All this for a minimum contribution of Rs 1,500 to her fundraiser. Proceeds will be donated to Hemkunt Foundation. 

The Delhi-based design store Origin One that sells stationery, rugs and photography has recently made an announcement that a 100 per cent of their profits will be directed towards Goonj, Hemkunt Foundation and Feeding India for COVID-19 relief. They have also made available a series of photographs where 75 per cent of the proceeds will be donated to these charities. So, get shopping for some design picks! 

The sustainable luxury brand T.Berry has also announced that 100 per cent of its profits will be donated for COVID-19 relief through the Give India COVID-19 Fund. Amid exquisitely crafted apparel and luxury home furnishings, they have also got a new range of luxury masks and face coverings. What’s better than contributing for the cause while you make a fashion statement in the new normal?

Connect with T.Berry Atelier on Instagram.

This is for those who have been detected positive for COVID or want to contribute towards meals for COVID patients. Seven restaurants (Seeds of Live, Pack-A-Pav, Seefah, Bombay Salad Co, Supper, Earth Café and Yogisattva), part of the Bandra Restaurant Community, from Mumbai’s Bandra suburb have come together to start a free healthy tiffin service for COVID patients in the area. They will provide both lunch and dinner, free of cost, delivered to you within the neighbourhood. You can choose to contribute Rs 100 towards the initiative and these donations will be directed for COVID-19 relief. For the others, you can contribute Rs 500 to sponsor a meal for a COVID patient. 

Photo: Canva