Help India Combat COVID By Donating To These Fundraisers

The second wave of the pandemic has hit the country hard. Here’s a list of fundraisers you can contribute to.

Published On Apr 29, 2021 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


India is facing an acute shortage of hospitals, medical equipment, supplies, oxygen cylinders and beds in the second wave of COVID-19, that has hit us much worse than the first. While many have lost their family members to this rigorously mutating virus, others are still struggling to get their patients admitted and arrange for supplies. At a time like this, it’s important to do your bit and help save lives. Therefore, we have listed some of the ongoing campaigns and fundraisers that are combating the damage caused by the second wave by supplying essentials.

1. Doctors for you campaign

Ketto’s Doctors for You (DFY) campaign has started a fundraiser to fight the acute shortage of D type oxygen cylinders, oxygen regulator devices, etc. They are also trying to organise high quality oxygen concentrators, oxygen generation plants, multipara devices to aid in critical health care, and reliable and high-quality pulse oximeters. Further, the campaign will help  bring onboard more healthcare workers for new COVID care centres. The campaign was the first to setup a COVID Care centre in Delhi last year, in association with LNJP hospital. In less than a week’s time it was able to convert the Delhi government’s assigned Commonwealth Games Village, into a makeshift hospital of over 500 beds in association with the LBS hospital. Now they manage 25,000 beds across five centres in Delhi, three in Mumbai, four in Bengaluru, and others in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. 

2. Mission Oxygen

The campaign was started overnight in response to the acute shortage of oxygen cylinders across hospitals in Delhi/NCR, by a community of founders and entrepreneurs. Mission Oxygen is procuring and donating oxygen concentrators to hospitals across the capital region. As of April 26, they have crowdsourced over 7 crore rupees from over 6,800 contributors and have ordered 800 oxygen cylinders to be delivered by May 1. As per their recent updates, they have also procured 1,200 oxygen concentrators and are waiting for more shipments this week.

3. Hemkunt Foundation

This decade-old Gurugram-based NGO has been giving out oxygen cylinders for free to COVID patients and can be reached on a 24*7 COVID hotline -- 8700013641. They have also started a ‘drive-thru’ oxygen facility in Gurugram to ease critical patients until they find place in a hospital. “Drive Thru is a huge success- 100s of cars are here with Critical #COVID19 patients who need a first aid responder and constant supply of #oxygen. The concept here is to give the patient oxygen until they find a bed,” said a recent tweet by the foundation.

4. Khalsa Help International

This NGO recently made news when it helped Ghaziabad-based Shri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara setup an oxygen langar for COVID-19 patients deprived of hospital beds. After helping over 5,000 families during the pandemic, the NGO in the second wave, is now offering free oxygen at the gurudwara.

5. MCKS Food for the Hungry Foundation

This Delhi based NGO is distributing N95 masks and hot nutritious meals for free to the homeless and daily wage workers hit once again by COVID-19. Proactively coming forward for the same last year as well, they have managed to feed lakhs since then. Back in 2020 they had also distributed free ration kits in reusable eco-friendly cloth bags; and had extended support by arranging buses for migrant workers as they journeyed on foot from Delhi to their respective hometowns.

6. Give India

This crowdfunding platform has collaborated with many NGOs from across metros to supply oxygen cylinders, protective gear, medicines and other COVID essentials to hospitals such as Nesco Covid Jumbo Centre in Goregaon, Mumbai. They have also relaunched their last year’s mission to protect our healthcare heroes across Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi, where it is providing N95 Masks, PPE Kits, bedsheets, hand sanitisers and funds to refill oxygen cylinders at charitable hospitals. Those willing to donate can also check requirements and price per unit of such equipment and further details on their website.

7. Help Lockdown Affected People

Milaap under its campaign, Help Lockdown Affected People, is delivering food to COVID-19 patients isolated across different parts of the national capital during the second wave. They are also distributing a 1,000 food packets to the homeless every day. Via the funds raised, it has managed to help around 4.5 lakh people so far. Moreover, it has also arranged for smartphones and laptops for at least 250 students for online classes.

8. Swasth Digital Health Foundation

Impact Guru is inviting donations for Swasth Digital Foundation, which along with Action COVID-19 Team (ACT) grants is working towards procuring oxygen concentrators, to further be channeled across hospitals in remote areas. The foundation is trying to raise INR 1.5 crore for the deployment of such concentrators across areas in dire need. So far, they have managed to procure 10,000 concentrators and are now raising funds for more.

9. GoFundMe

This international crowdfunding platform is inviting donations to fight the current shortage of oxygen in India. It has multiple fundraisers being set up by individuals from across the globe, such as, COVID-19: Oxygen for India, Oxygen Concentrators for India, Fundraise for COVID medical relief, etc. Last year, the platform had collaborated with Umeed and Future Hope India to distribute food and supplies across Delhi and Kolkata.

10. Khana Chahiye Foundation

This Mumbai based NGO that was started as a citizen-led campaign with Give India in March to provide food to the homeless, migrant workers and daily wage labourers has now initiated -- KhaanaChahiye: Mumbai is battling hunger along with Covid-19 – a fundraiser to serve 2,000 meals in Mumbai every day. They have also tied up with Zomato Feeding India to further expand the distribution. Last year, the NGO had managed to serve 46 lakh meals and distribute more than 20,000 grocery kits; and had also helped six lakh migrants travel back from Mumbai.

11. CRED

The fintech start-up in association with Milaap is allowing customers to donate their CRED coins (accrued by paying credit card bills on the app) to further be invested in sending oxygen concentrators to the hospitals. Last year they had launched a campaign to donate masks to frontline workers. “CRED members can now donate CRED coins towards buying oxygen concentrators for hospitals, healthcare orgs across India. With a goal of 1 billion litres, we’ve partnered with Milaap to ensure contributions reach hospitals in need. You can also help by sharing ideas on streamlining oxygen supplies on,” its founder Kunal Shah recently tweeted.

12. Warrior Plates

This initiative started by Warrior Plates Organisation aims at delivering meal boxes at COVID care centres across Mumbai for frontline workers. By partnering with eateries its bulk orders are also helping small restaurant owners survive during the lockdown. So far, they have partnered with Ticca Tikka and Meraki and are likely to add more to the list. 

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