10 Influencers Over Fifty Years Creating Sensation On the Internet Today

Check out these 50+ influencers who prove that age is irrelevant when it comes to content creation.

Published On Oct 05, 2023 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


Social media influencing has been a path predominantly tread on and excelled by youngsters. Initially, one wouldn’t anticipate finding an elderly influencer slaying a particular niche such as travel, fashion, cooking or lifestyle, but today, it is a common reality. Many influencers have emerged on Instagram and other social media platforms who are well into their fifties and are still taking the internet by storm, by the sheer grace of their catchy and useful content. After all, strengthening one’s social media game has barely anything to do with age! Here is a list of some of the most followed and popular influencers who are 50+.

10 influencers over fifty who are making waves on the internet

A renowned painter by profession, Manjri Varde has been rocking the internet with her sassiness since the lockdown. Her artwork has been available on her social media accounts previously but she became widely known as the ‘Sassy Saas’ during the pandemic when she started creating satirical videos along with her actress daughter-in-law Sameera Reddy. The duo have been creating engaging and relatable Saas-Bahu content ever since and we can’t stop admiring this sassy influencer who has over 147k followers.

The adorable septuagenarian couple - Yashpal Singh & Shanta Verma are widely loved for their lively content. With over 74k followers on Instagram, they are the cool grandparents who refuse to let old age get the better of their spirits. They are a competition to young fashionistas and simply an epitome of perfection!

Yet another septuagenarian, Rajini Chandy, is a badass influencer rocking the social media game with her revolutionary and stylish photos. This home-maker turned actor debuted in Malayalam films in her late sixties; she also appeared on Bigg Boss briefly. Her unconventional aura has received both applauds and criticism but with her strong personality, she has been able to shut the trolls, as is evident in her massive Insta following.

Another Instagram handle that began during the lockdown and gained immense popularity is that of Poonam Sapra. The constant sarcasm, words of wisdom, affection and warmth that our mothers spread around the house every day are available in a witty display of placards by Poonam Sapra. This adorable channel of a desi mom is all the dose of humour, inspiration, motivation and love we need in our lives!

Caught Craft Handed is the official Instagram page of the grandmother-granddaughter duo - Sheela Bajaj and Yukti Bajaj. A reminder of our childhood days when we would see our grandmother knitting their time away basking in the sun comes to life in this warm, creative and aesthetic page. The Bajaj duo has been successful in promoting and marketing their cute handcrafted products like sweaters, earrings, accessories, pouches, socks, potli bags, gloves and home decor items. This knitting and crocheting venture has been well-received by the masses and their page currently has as many as 67.3k followers.

All those inspiring weight-loss and lifestyle-change stories that we talk about culminate in the journey of Dinesh Mohan - an obese man who lost over 50 kgs and began his modelling career in his sixties! Having endured several hardships in his personal life, Dinesh Mohan is now in a better place where he is creating a sensation in the fashion industry. Known as the ‘Silver Fox’ redefining modelling at 60, Dinesh is both an inspiration and healthy competition to youngsters in the fashion industry!

Travelling is a widely loved hobby, but very few master the art of capturing the real beauty of a place and presenting its accessibility without adding sugar-coating things. Harish Bali is a 53-year-old influencer running an Instagram page called ‘visa2explore.’ With his ever-present smile and infectious zeal for life, Harish is a much-loved travel blogger known for providing an in-depth guide to all the places he explores. The simplicity and precision of his travel content has gained Harish a sturdy follower base of 164k+ followers and we cannot stop scrolling through his colourful feed!

One of the most loved 50+ influencers with over 322k followers, Ravi Balal Sharma or ‘Dancing Daadi’ is a talented dancer whose graceful moves have our hearts. She performed in a dance competition five years ago to fulfil her late husband’s last wish and the same video went viral. She has been pursuing her passion for dance and posting it online ever since. Her enthusiastic dance videos have been consistently loved and shared by viewers over the years.

A well-known and established obstetrician, gynaecologist and laparoscopic surgeon who has been practising for over three decades, Dr Anjali Kumar or ‘Maitri Woman’ shares useful health-related content. With over 70k followers, Dr Anjali manages to serve her internet family with videos on important issues related to PCOD, healthy vagina, safe sex etc. She is loved for her natural ability to explain complicated concepts in the most simplistic ways.

A Kama Sutra expert who has made sex education easily accessible for all, Seema Anand tops this list of 50+ influencers in terms of followers. With an overwhelming follower base of over 976k followers (as we’re writing this), Seema Anand makes useful content on sensitive topics related to self-pleasure, healthy sexual relationships, sexual habits etc. She has ventured into a topic that our society deems taboo and her huge follower base just proves how important the topic is! Her informative videos and tips are appreciated by teenagers, young adults and adults alike. She has also authored a book titled 'The Arts of Seduction'.

Photo: Instagram/seemanandstorytelling, maitriwoman