9 Must-Visit Vineyards In India

Here are some of the best vineyards in India that offer a tour of their wineries and breathtaking views.

Published On Nov 16, 2022 | Updated On Jul 10, 2024


In the Nashik region of India, over 6,000 acres of land are used as vineyards for wine grape cultivation. The popularity of wine in India has led to a boom in wineries and wine tourism. The main region for vineyards in India is Maharashtra. The state accounts for 77 of the 99 wineries in the country, 39 of which are in Nashik alone. Vineyards in Kerala, Karnataka, Nandi Hills and Kavery Valley are the other prominent spots for wine cultivation in the country.

A trend that has trickled from the US and Europe, vineyard wine in India has significantly improved in terms of taste. Along with developing a palette for Chardonnays and Reds, vineyards in India have tasting rooms, which allow enthusiasts to stay and explore the different brews at the farm.

In your web search for vineyards near me, these are some of the best options that will pop up:

7 famous and best vineyards in India

Located a little off Nashik, the wine city of India, Sula is one of the best-known vineyards in Maharashtra. The brand started in 1999 as a humble name and has developed into a world-class winery with a 65% market hold in India. Sula Vineyards in India has wine tours and tastings every day from 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM. India’s first luxe vineyard resort, Beyond, has 32 rooms with private balconies for guests to enjoy the sprawling property.

In addition, the winery also hosts Sulafest, an annual music festival, in early February, which is very popular among wine and music enthusiasts alike.

Among the best vineyards in India, York is very close to Sula Vineyards and offers a mesmerising view of the Gangapur Dam and the hills ahead. Their prolific brew of red and white has won a range of awards, which is also available for tasting at the farm from noon to 10 PM. Tours, on the other hand, are open only till 6 PM, post which you can enjoy a lavish Indian meal at the Cellar Door restaurant. York’s Arros reserve blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz released in 2014 has found a special place in the market, alongside its Sparkling Brut that is made from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes.

One of India’s oldest and most sought-after wineries, Grover Zampa Vineyards in India focuses on producing premium wines for its clients. Located off Bengaluru in Karnataka, Grover merged with Vallee de Vin, a Maharashtra-based producer of wine brand, Zampa, to compete with Sula. In 2019, they bought Charosa Vineyards and Four Seasons Wines. Grover wine farm is an extensive 410-acre property that allows tours from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM daily. You can taste their reserve brand of oak-matured Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz red as you pair your glass with a delicious cheese platter on the side.

If you are looking for a wine yard near me with a pinch of nature on the side, Soma Vineyards in Karnataka is the place to be. A 100-acre vineyard with Makali Hill on one side and Gundamagere Lake on the other, you can sip your wine in India’s most scenic setting. A popular wedding destination, Soma wine farms are the only winery that grows grapes with coconut palms and other fruit trees. A four-hour-long tasting experience from 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM daily will give you a peek into the winery’s exquisite Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and home-blend boutique wines. You will need to book in advance.

The Nandi Valley Winery close to Bengaluru is less known for their wine and more for their happening vibe. A three-hour tasting tour from 11:30 AM will take you on an immersive experience that covers everything from the history of wine to production, packaging and more. Known for its flagship brand Kinvah, lunch and tastings are on the house, so you can pair a glass of choice with your meal. Weekends at Nandi Winery are a fun-filled affair with grape stomping along the tracks of popular artists, you will however need to book a day before.


Fratelli, also known as brothers in Italian, is the baby of three brothers from Delhi, Maharashtra and Italy who started the brand in 2007. One of India’s biggest winemakers alongside Grover Zampa and Sula, Fratelli Wines produces delicious reserve wines, the Sette reserve red being the most revered among them all. A 240-acre estate and wine farm will give you access to a full-day guided tour, lunch and other recreational facilities.

Nestled at the foothills of Nhera-Ori at Dindori, Chandon is a globally-renowned name that made its entry into the Indian market in 2016. Just like their sparkling wine, Chandon India’s pristine facility is top-notch, and they do allow tours on prior booking. Your tour day will open up to 21 acres of perfectly manicured lawns, an elegant tasting space and a patio where you can swirl Chandon India’s splendid Brut and Rose wine variants.

India is home to a plethora of wineries that grow the best quality grapes to produce exquisite reserve blends that cater to the Indian palette. If you are looking up wine tasting near me, stop and check out these seven best vineyards in India. 

The Soma Vine Village in Nashik is one of India’s finest Vineyard Resorts. It has 46 sprawling rooms that include private villas and luxurious service apartments. Perfect for destination weddings and weekend getaways, the vineyard cum resort offers a variety of fun activities for children and adults. Soma Vine Village will engulf you in the world of wine as you go grape stomping. But that's not all! You can get a relaxing ayurvedic massage or head over to the resort’s indoor Zonker’s Adventure Park to burn the extra calories from their delicious wine coolers and exquisite food.

Located just an hour’s drive from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi, KRSMA Estates overlooks the beautiful hills of Tavargere with a backdrop of the Vijaynagar Empire. Known to brew some of India's best velvety vintage wines from homegrown grapes, KRSMA Estates is the epitome of luxury packed in a bottle. Fix yourself a glass of their oak-flavoured Syrah as you soak in Hampi’s tranquil serenity one sip at a time.

India is home to a plethora of wineries that grow the best quality grapes to produce exquisite reserve blends that cater to the Indian palette. If you are looking up wine tasting near me, stop and check out these seven best brands in the country. 

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