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9 Must-Visit Destinations In India For Adventure Junkies

There are several adventure sports in India that you can now indulge in.

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If you’re tired of staying at home, then it's time to switch off shutdown mode and get into exploration mode. Thanks to tourist locations opening all across the country, this is the chance you've been waiting for your whole life. Yes, you can finally travel the length and breadth of the country again, with a few safety precautions to keep Covid-19 at bay. That said, there are several adventure sports in India that you can now indulge in. Uttarakhand, Goa, Andaman, and Rishikesh are just a few of the top adventure places in India that you should visit at least once in your lifetime.

1. Thane, Maharashtra

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Do you like sliding down rocky mountain ranges? Then you'll enjoy water rappelling in Kasara, near Thane, where you can climb down a waterfall. This is an excellent opportunity for adventure seekers who want to experience one-of-a-kind adventure tourism in India. If you're not afraid of water or heights, do give this adventure sport a try.

On offer are decent packages that include food and first aid, among other things. However, you should bring appropriate footwear as well as any personal prescriptions you may require. Trekking is another popular activity in Thane. For trekkers, Mahuli Fort is a must-see. The tower is rocky; therefore you can do rock climbing there. There are several pinnacles to discover. Apart from that, there are resorts and water parks here that make up the amazing attractions in Thane. And the good news is that if you’re in Maharashtra or near by states, you won't have to spend a bomb on domestic flights to reach Thane.

2. Goa

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Goa's beaches provide opportunities for life-changing adventure trips where you can even scuba dive and witness coral reefs in all their glory. Goa's coral reef is stunning and still undiscovered. Not to mention, spending time in the water is a thrilling journey that introduces you to a world you've only seen on television. While scuba-diving, you’ll come face to face withmarine creatures that reside in Goa’s ocean waters. The microgravity, the anticipation of what you'll see next, and the deep blue water make for an exciting avenue for thrill-seekers. This undersea walk adventure in Goa is also a fantastic adventure experience for anyone looking to try something new.

An amazing experience like this doesn't usually require you to be a swimming pro. Trained guides will be by your side to assist you as you have one of the most thrilling experiences possible.

3. Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh

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The growl of the Bengal Tiger can be heard across Madhya Pradesh, known as "the heart of India”, thanks to the Bandhavgarh National Park. It offers one of the most exciting wildlife safaris in the country. There is a good probability of you seeing a tiger here because the population of the animal is high here. You can also take an elephant ride in Bandhavgarh's gorgeous green park.

4. Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradesh

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Bir-Billing is a hamlet in Himachal Pradesh's Joginder Valley. The environment is normal and gorgeous for a village. However, very near to the settlement, a completely other scene emerges.

During peak season, the sky is crowded with paragliders. Bir-Billing's climate and hills make it an ideal location for paragliding. It is also known as India’s paragliding centre.

5. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

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Rishikesh is located in Uttarakhand, on the shores of the Ganga River. The city is primarily a pilgrimage destination and is also recognised as India's yoga capital. There are, nevertheless, many adventurous activities available for thrill-seeking travellers here—which makes Rishikesh one of the most adventurous tourist places in India.

You may go rafting on the Ganga, indulge in rock and cliff climbing, stay at a wilderness camp in the adjacent jungle, or go bungee jumping. The bungee leap here is the tallest in India, measuring 83 metres in height and allowing you to free-fall for 5 seconds.

6. Ladakh

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Ladakh is well-known for its abundance of monasteries. The settlement is situated at the highest point in India. The terrain of the region also makes it ideal for trekking and rafting. The legendary Chadar Journey, a trek on a frozen river, is held here. In the picturesque Zanskar Valley, you can also go rafting when the weather permits.

7. Auli, Uttarakhand

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Auli is a ski resort and one of India's top locations to ski. If you enjoy skiing, you must visit this adventure sports destination in India. When in Auli, you can also explore trekking and caving. You should also not miss out on the ropeway ride here. Auli also has abundant of mountain vistas, and you can even climb one of the hill town's summits, with proper training of course, to appreciate the splendour of the Himalayas.

8. Lahaul-Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

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If your concept of adventure in India includes seeing a completely unspoiled environment with little communities residing across altitudes, then you must visit the Lahaul-Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Yes, a breathtaking mountain landscape, spectacular valleys, stunning riverside views, and a peaceful and serene atmosphere awaits you here! Lahaul-Spiti is undoubtedly a must-see destination if you want to find spiritual tranquillity in the lap of nature. Tourists can reach Lahaul-Spiti via private cab or bus from the airport. The nearest narrow-gauge railhead to Lahaul and Spiti is Joginder Nagar. Shimla and Chandigarh are also wide-gauge railheads for the destination.

9. Zanskar, Ladakh

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Consider hiking down a treacherous, freezing river! Every year in January and February, the Zanskar River freezes over and is engulfed by a layer of snow — this is the Chadar journey. Walking on snow and ice is dangerous, but when you're surrounded by stunning Himalayan panoramas, frozen waterfalls, and old monasteries, the risk feels worthwhile. The nearest airport is 105 kilometres away in Leh.

Leh is served by flights from Delhi, Jammu, and Srinagar. Taxis from Leh to Zanskar are readily accessible. At a distance of 1250 kilometres, the nearest international airport is Delhi. By air, Delhi is well connected to the majority of important domestic and international cities.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to one of these places for the best adventure of your life!

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