Experience Unforgettable Adventures: Top Bangalore Amusement Parks For Family Fun

Delve into the best theme parks in Bangalore, where every corner promises thrilling experiences and cherished family moments. Discover these top-rated amusement and theme parks for a perfect day out.

Published On Jan 12, 2024 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


Bangalore stands as a dynamic metropolitan city, drawing individuals from across the nation, primarily due to its status as India’s IT hub. Consequently, the city brims with myriad attractions promising entertainment for all ages. Amidst its charm of captivating cafes, bustling malls, and lively promenades, not to forget thrilling activities like go-karting, the city truly shines with the great pool of Bangalore amusement parks.

Bangalore amusement parks serve as gateways to boundless fun, laughter, and cherished memories that linger long after the visit. Beyond being a haven for families seeking memorable outings, these amusement parks also captivate the hearts of adventure enthusiasts in Bangalore. The exhilarating rides, marked by high speeds, thrilling twists, and turns, ensure a day filled with joyous shouts and unforgettable moments, making theme parks in Bangalore a must-visit for all.

Here are some of the most popular Bangalore amusement parks

Wonder La in Bangalore is a crown jewel among Bangalore's amusement parks. It boasts a diverse range of attractions, from heart-stopping roller coasters to more leisurely family rides. The park's expansive layout ensures that visitors of all ages find something to their liking. Moreover, the location of Wonder La in Bangalore makes it easily accessible, enhancing its popularity among locals and tourists alike.
Location: Mysore Road, Hosadoddi, Bangalore
Timings: Mon-Fri 11 am – 6 pm, Sat-Sun 11 am – 7 pm
Entry Fee: Adults - Rs 900 onwards, Children - Rs 700 onwards


Neeladri Amusement Park, Bangalore is synonymous with adrenaline-pumping roller coasters and thrilling rides. Beyond its exhilarating attractions, the park stands out for its affordability, making Neeladri Amusement Park, Bangalore a favourite among budget-conscious visitors seeking quality entertainment.
Location: 127/1, Chamarajpet, Bangalore
Timings: Mon-Fri 11 am – 6 pm, Sat-Sun 11 am – 7 pm
Entry Fee: Adults - Rs 75, Children - Rs 60

Spanning Jayamahal Main Road, Fun World Park, Bangalore offers an expansive array of attractions, from thrilling outdoor rides to immersive arcade games. The vast expanse of Fun World Park, Bangalore ensures that families can spend an entire day exploring diverse activities, including a delightful food court and serene garden areas.
Location: Jayamahal Main Road, Jayamahal, Bangalore
Timings: 11 am – 7:30 pm
Entry Fee: Rs 750

Immerse yourself in cinematic wonder at Innovative Film City in Bidadi. This theme park in Bangalore has themed zones like the Wild West and Cartoon City, offering a unique blend of entertainment and thematic exploration. Visitors can also indulge in go-karting and other adrenaline-pumping activities.
Location: 24 & 26, Kiadb Estates, Bidadi, Bangalore
Timings: 10 am – 7 pm
Entry Fee: Rs 600


Tucked away in Palace Ground, Star City Amusement Park captivates visitors with its indoor rides, arcade games, and lively bowling alley. It's a perfect destination for families seeking a balanced blend of fun, food, and quality time.
Location: Palace Ground, Near Post Office, Jayamahal Road, Bangalore
Timings: 11 am – 8:30 pm
Entry Fee: No separate fee

Experience gravity-defying fun at SkyJumper Trampoline Park in Garuda Mall. This innovative destination offers a refreshing twist to traditional amusement parks, allowing patrons to bounce, jump, and explore in a safe and exhilarating environment.
Location: 6th floor, Garuda Mall, Magrath Road, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore
Timings: 11 am – 10 pm
Entry Fee: Rs 900 (60 mins), Rs 1300 (90 mins)

Designed exclusively for kids, Jawahar Bal Bhavan promises a magical experience with its enchanting toy train, kiddie rides, and interactive zones. It's the ideal spot for parents looking to treat their little ones to a day of fun-filled exploration.
Location: Kasturba Road, Ambedkar Veedhi, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bangalore
Timings: 10:30 am – 6 pm (Closed on Monday)
Entry Fee: Adults - Rs 20, Children - Rs 10, Free for children below ten

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