Europe Awaits: Discover The Best Places & Exciting Cities To See In Europe

With summer break just around the corner, it is officially time to plan your annual holidays. It's no secret that the much-loved Europe has a lot to offer. So, we bring you a list of the most exciting cities in Europe.

Published On Mar 20, 2024 | Updated On Mar 21, 2024


When you hear Europe, the first visual your imagination creates would be that of the Swiss Alps or the famous London Eye, The Colosseum or The iconic Eiffel Tower. While these top cities in Europe define it in a cliche fashion, there is so much more Europe has to offer. From quaint towns in the South of France to the historic villages in Greece and the expansive beaches of Portugal, we bring you the buzzing destinations and picturesque cities to see in Europe, beyond the basics.

Here are the best places to visit in Europe in 2024


A brand new hub for minimal luxury, Mallorca is a scenic haven for travellers looking to explore beyond the predictable Barcelona in Spain. With dozens of luxury properties marking their presence in Mallorca, the tranquil ocean will leave you enchanted. Home to the most iconic Spanish architecture, secluded coves, limestone mountains, wineries and a glittering coastline, Mallorca is undeniably one of the most exciting cities in Europe.

Famous for: Bellver Castle, Royal Charterhouse, Serra de Tramuntana, Coves del Drach and dels Hams, Port de Sóller, and nightlife in Magaluf and Palma.


A town located in the Loire Valley in France, Amboise is a hidden treasure and rightly so. While France shines in tourism with the likes of Paris, Nice and Monaco, Amboise is a mediaeval town and is home to Chateau d'Amboise. If you too are on the lookout for untapped cities to see in Europe, Amboise's architecture is iconic, to say the least. The town has a beautiful blend of stone houses from the Renaissance period and half-timber architecture which dates back to the Middle Ages. The stone houses are created with a local stone called Tuffeau which is said to whiten over time. With a lot of history, architecture and character, Amboise is one of the best places to visit in Europe.

Famous for: The Clock Tower, 16th-century Hôtel de Ville (town hall), Pagode de Chanteloup, Château de Chenonceau, Chaumont-sur-Loire International Garden Festival, Chaumont-sur-Loire Arts Festival

Fun fact: Leonardo da Vinci spent his final days in Amboise.


Boasting a blend of Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman roots, Thessaloniki is a port city located in the Thermaic Gulf of Macedonia region in Greece. The city centre was almost destroyed in the Great Fire of 1917. Rebuilt in the 20th century, it has a modern European layout and is the second largest city in Greece after Athens. A scenic promenade to stroll along, a host of museums, churches and forts, and an eight-century-old Roman market; Thessaloniki is one of the most unexplored cities to see in Europe.

Famous for: White Tower, Arch of Galerius, Rotonda Monument, Church of Agia Sofia, Roman Market, Museum for Macedonian Struggle, Balkan Wars Museum, Byzantine Museum, Concert hall, Park of Dinosaurs


Puglia's most cherished town, Otranto is a small seaport famous for fishing activities and tourism, thanks to the ferry service to Greece. Famously named 'Pearl of Salento', Otranto is a strategic bridge connecting the East and West. With the brightly painted architecture with a background of turquoise sea, despite the thick defensive walls, this is one of the most exciting cities in Europe thanks to its vibrance and warmth with lots of buzzing bars and shopping spots nestled amidst the quaint streets.  

Famous for: The Aragones Castle, sea-food restaurants, Spiaggia dei Gradon, Cava di Bauxite lake, Baia dei Turchi, Otranto old town walking tour and bike tour, Salento wine tasting tour, stroll along the Lungomare, Otranto Cathedral


A breathtaking Nordic coastal town, Bodǿ is one of the best places to visit in Europe in 2024. This magical town allows you to experience the marvel of both: the northern lights and the midnight sun. This second-largest town in Northern Norway is fairly young. A short drive away from Bodø is Saltstraume, where you can experience the most powerful maelstrom. Owing to the narrow passage and powerful currents, a rush of water is created here, resulting in violent whirlpools also known as kettles twice a day.

Famous for: Bodø Cathedral, Norwegian Aviation Museum, Norland Museum, hike to Fykantrappa, Svartisen Glacier, Norland Cultural Centre, midnight sun, northern lights.

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