All About Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple, Gandhinagar And What Makes It So Popular

Swaminarayan Akshardham temple, Gandhinagar is a Hindu holy temple and an alluring tourist attraction. People visit Gandhinagar from all over the country and the world to seek blessings and experience the temple’s beauty. Join us as we explore the magnificent Swaminarayan Akshardham temple, Gandhinagar.

Published On Feb 28, 2024 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Swaminarayan Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, is one of the many Swaminarayan Akshardham temples in India and abroad. Coming under the umbrella of the ‘BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha,’ these Hindu temples are counted among the holiest sites for Hindus. The word ‘Akshardham’ translates to ‘the abode of Gods,’ meaning that these temples, including the Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, are the heavenly abode of God. Having an air of peace that permeates your being as soon as you enter the premises, the temple will instantly soothe your soul. Dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan and all the Gods, saints, sages and the avatars of Gods in the history of Hinduism, Akshardham Gandhinagar is a must-visit. It is not just another tourist spot, but a monument that holds sacred meaning to Hindus.

The architecture of the Swaminarayan temple in Gandhinagar is an ode to Hindu culture dating back centuries. The carvings on the outer walls and pillars are reminiscent of the carvings found on many ancient Hindu temples built decades ago by rajas, maharajas, and other royalty. The temple's layout is also a nod to the traditional Indian style of architecture, highlighting the vibrant history of Hindu culture. The interiors and the ornamentation gracing fountains and hallways ring true to Hindu heritage, as seen in the Akshardham photo. This architectural style has made the Swaminarayan temple in Gandhinagar a notable Hindu place of worship and a mesmerising building that people visit from near and far.

Per Akshardham's history, the temple is a place of worship for not one or a few specific Hindu gods but all gods, sages and other important divine beings in the Hindu religion. Having as many as two hundred idols of Hindu gods, Akshardham Gandhinagar displays every significant figure of the Hindu religion spanning over a millennium. It is said about Akshardham temple that its founding belief is that all souls are divine and eternal. Akshardham temple’s history with its idols, prayers and other offerings is proof of this resounding belief. Promoting the belief that acts of kindness make people closer to God and divinity, Akshardham temple’s history teaches people the power the act of prayer holds. Absorbing the principles of Hinduism while being surrounded by prayers and a natural calm is one of the best things about Akshardham temple.

As the Gandhinagar Akshardham history bears witness, the temple is one of the biggest temples in India. A visit to this temple will leave you enraptured with the beauty surrounding you. While the entire complex is stunning, the Garbhagruh and the Abhishek Mandapam are unmatchable in their divine charm. Offer prayers to the gods and deities in the Garbhagruh while marvelling over the idols. Move to the Abhishek Mandapam after to participate in a soul-satisfying spiritual ritual where you seek blessings while offering holy water to God. You can also offer a donation in the mandapam.


The Swaminarayan Akshardham temple is a complete experience, made to dazzle all your senses. Take a stroll in the Sahajanand Vun, the gardens surrounding the actual temple, experiencing the beauty of this temple. Magnificent grounds adorned with water pockets, intricate pillars and so much more will delight the nature lover in you. A live exhibition is also one of the temple’s offerings for visitors to increase awareness about the Akshardham temple and Hindu culture. The temple also has a food court, bookstore and souvenir shop. There is also a captivating light and water show after the sunset, however, it is suggested to follow up on details before your visit.


Since the temple is a sacred place of worship for Hindus, there are instructions for visitors to follow. These instructions ensure that you enjoy your visit to the temple while honouring its sanctity. Visitors are advised to follow a modest dress code to uphold the dignity of the temple. Any Akshardham temple photo-taking is strictly prohibited. They are also advised not to carry mobile phones, cameras, food and beverages, weapons, tobacco, alcohol, etc. inside the temple premises. 

Timings: 10 am – 7:30 pm (Monday closed)
Mandir darshan: 10 am – 7:30 pm (Arti at 10 am and 6:30 pm)
Abhishek Mandapam darshan: 10:30 am – 7 pm
Exhibitions: 10:30 am – 5:30 pm
Entry fee: Free (for mandir, gardens and holy footprints), Rs 60 and 40 (for adults above 11 years of age and children, respectively)

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