7 Trips For The Ultimate Cruise Experience For Couples In 2023

Azure blue seas, the best of fine dining options, and tons of activities to do with your partner, cruises are the new way to romance, and these 7 will surely blow you, and your partner’s mind.

Published On Nov 27, 2023 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Cruising on the calm serene blue seas with your partner is a luxurious experience you ought to have. As 2023 nears an end, romantic experiences like a week-long cruise are just what you need to relax and reconnect. 

Once limited to newlyweds, cruise vacations are increasingly becoming popular among older couples too. The cruise companies have been tapping into this upcoming market with new destinations, curated experiences, and so much more to make theirs the best cruise for couples.

No matter what your budget and dream destination are, there is a cruise for you. But to bring in 2023 with a bang, you need only the best cruises for couples, and we are here to help with it.
Here are 7 top-rated cruises for couples to check out in 2023

With 250+ awards to their name, Viking Cruises is a name to beckon with. The company runs two types of cruises, ocean and river cruises. No matter what cruise you set your heart on, Viking’s stellar hospitality makes it one of the best cruises for couples. We particularly recommend their Grand Australia Circumnavigation cruise for the coming season. A 32-day cruise, this covers two countries, and multiple scenic locations that not only will take your breath away but also lesser-known cultural gems and activities that let you and your partner strengthen your bond.

When looking for a child-free adventure, then this is the best cruise vacation for couples possible. With their adults-only policy, leave all your worries behind for a fun-filled week-long cruise. Operating in multiple scenic locations, Virgin Voyages is one of the top-rated cruises for couples, and we absolutely recommend their Greek Island Cruise. 

A perfect blend of stunning landscapes, charming countryside, and wild nightlife, this is hands down one of the best cruise ships for young couples.

One of the most luxurious cruises you can sign up for, Regent Seven Seas promises to be a class apart. With well-planned itineraries and all-inclusive bookings, it is one of the best cruises for couples.
Sign up for their Luxury Alaska cruise to witness an otherwordly landscape and wildlife like no other. Watch whales from the deck, and soak in the beauty of Hubbard Glacier with this cruise line for couples in their forties as a milestone anniversary celebration.

Perfect for adventurers, Lindblad Expeditions are some of the best cruise ships for young couples. With a variety of voyages on offer, you can choose from wildly stunning Galapagos Islands, European cruises focused on heritage, South American cruises focused on the natural wonders of the continent and so many more.
Do sign up for their Fiji and Tahiti Adventure that promises to be a glimpse into both coral reefs, and the cultural experiences of the region.

Famous as one of the top cruise lines for couples, Princess Cruises are inventive and perfect for the explorer in you. While they cover a long list of destinations, the one we suggest you check out is their 10-day Japan Explorer cruise. This top-rated cruise for couples covers 6 port cities in 10 days, and is perfect if you’re travelling with family with their dedicated experiences. The cruise has enough for the kids to be engaged, giving couples enough space and time to rediscover their love for each other.

Famous for their fine dining experiences aboard, Oceania Cruises also happens to be the rare few cruise lines with adventures in the global South. Out of their extensive list of cruises, we suggest you opt for the 33-day Cape Town to Singapore voyage. Covering destinations like Madagascar, Maldives, and Sri Lanka among others, the cruise promises to be quite an experience. One of the best cruise vacations for couples, this one will just delight you.

This cruise line seems all fun and perfect for vacation but wait till you discover that apart from the regular destination cruises, they also offer the king of all cruises, The Ultimate World Cruise.
Spanning 274 days, insane is an understatement to describe this cruise. 60+ countries across 3 continents, this cruise is what vacation dreams are made of. Taking off this December, it’s once in a lifetime chance to explore the world in style.

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