7 Places To Visit In Kota On Your Next Trip

Most people know Kota as an educational hub, but the city is full of history, culture and so much more.

Published On Apr 29, 2023 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Kota might have been popularised by the hit web series Kota Factory, but there is so much more to Kota than just being the hub for engineering aspirants. It is renowned for having a rich past and a thriving culture, along with a great educational system. 

The historical importance of Kota is one of its most noteworthy attractions. Rao Deva built the city in the 14th century, and subsequent generations of Rajput rulers governed it. During the mediaeval era, Kota was a significant hub for trade and business, and the city is filled with historical landmarks that attest to its illustrious past.
The indigenous cuisine of Kota is a fusion of Mughlai and Rajasthani cuisines, and the city is renowned for its delectable street food. In Kota, foods like kachoris, daal baati churma, mirchi bada, and pyaaz kachori are among the must-try items.

Kota is a well-liked tourist attraction as well. Kota Fort, Jag Mandir Palace, Kishore Sagar Lake, and Chambal Garden are just a few famous historical places to visit in Kota. Another famous place to visit in Kota is the Kota Barrage, where visitors can enjoy boating and water sports.

The lively culture and festivities in the city of Kota are also well-known. The Kota Dussehra celebration, which is celebrated with a lot of zeal and grandeur, is one of the most well-known attractions in the city. Kota has been a significant industrial hub in Rajasthan in recent years. Several industrial parks and special economic zones in the city serve a range of sectors, including the engineering, cement, and textile industries. One of the biggest industrial estates in the state, the Kota Industrial Area, has drawn investments from a number of global corporations.


Visitors who want to view a replica of the seven wonders of the world can head to Seven Wonders Park in Kota. The 24-acre park includes miniature replicas of well-known structures like the Colosseum, Taj Mahal, and the Great Wall of China. Families with kids will enjoy visiting the park because it also has a playground, snack stands, and a small amusement park. This is definitely one of the most famous places to visit in Kota.

About 30 kilometres away from Kota is the tranquil Hindu temple called the Garadia Mahadev. The temple offers beautiful views of the river and the surrounding hills and is located on the edge of the Chambal Gorge. While at the temple, visitors can go on a nature stroll or enjoy birdwatching.

The Bundi prince Dehra Deh constructed the artificial lake known as Kishore Sagar in the 14th century. The lake is famous in Kota for day trips and picnics because it is surrounded by lovely gardens and buildings. Tourists can visit the neighbouring parks and museums or enjoy a boat trip on the lake.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lady Parvati, Godavari Dham Temple is special and unique. The temple was constructed in the form of a huge shivling, making it one of the largest shivlings in the world. In the temple's tiny museum, historical objects and relics are displayed for visitors to get an insight into the rich history of the temple.

On the banks of the Chambal River lies a lovely park called the Chambal Gardens. The 12-acre park is well-known for its floral displays, sculptures, and fountains. A picnic, a boat trip on the river, or a stroll through the gardens are all exciting activities for visitors, making this a famous place to visit in Kota for families.

The Kota Barrage is a dam that was erected on top of the Chambal River in Kota. The barrage is well-known for its visual beauty, and water sports, and is a famous place to visit in Kota among tourists. Over here, visitors can enjoy activities like boating, kayaking, and water skiing.

Situated on an island in Kishore Sagar Lake, the Jag Mandir Palace is truly stunning. Maharaja Jai Singh II built the palace in 1740, which is famous for its exquisite design and lovely surroundings. The palace is accessible by boat, and guests are welcome to tour its lovely gardens and courtyards.

Kota is a city that has something to offer to everyone. There are many interesting locations to discover in Kota, regardless of your interests in history, culture, nature, or adventure. Each of these locations, from the Seven Wonders Park to the Jag Mandir Palace, offers tourists a look into the city's thriving heritage and picturesque scenery.

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