5 Car Rental Apps In India Making Life Easy

Apart from your own vehicle, or public transport, rented cars are another option that makes travel easier. Here are the best rental car apps in India you can try.

Published On Jan 25, 2024 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Car rental services have been quite a rage for some time now. And with easy to access that an app provides, renting a car is the easiest way to travel, especially when you cannot take your own car to destination because of distance, or even because of special requirements like manual 4x4 drives on rocky terrain in certain parts of Himalayas.


Benefits of rental car apps are innumerable, and make a strong case in favour of renting a car than to driving your own all the way to a destination, or even in some case even owning one. 
1. Freedom
Unlike public transportation with fixed routes and schedules, a rental car gives you complete control over your itinerary. Explore hidden gems, take spontaneous detours, and adjust your plans as desired.
2. Unmatched comfort
Enjoy air conditioning, music, and a familiar environment, especially for longer journeys or with children. Pack more comfortably knowing you have ample space for luggage, souvenirs, or outdoor gear.
3. Cost-effective
In areas with limited public transport, renting a car might be the only viable option, and the cost might be comparable to other available options.
4. Peace of mind
Ideal for those who prefer to travel independently and avoid crowded public transportation during peak hours. Having your own car can provide a sense of security and control, especially in unfamiliar locations. 
5. Convenient
Pick up your car at the airport, train station, or a convenient location, and avoid lugging your luggage around on public transport.

Here are some car rental apps in India that you can try

One of the biggest and first car rental apps in India, Zoomcar has an unmatched fleet of 25,000+ cars all across the country. One of the biggest strengths of this car rental app is its vast network, and paired with quick emergency services, You can choose from manual drives for your adventure expeditions to suave sedans to drive around the city in comfort as well.

What sets Revv apart from other car rental apps is that apart from renting, it also offers a subscription service of a minimum of 1 month. With flexible pricing plans, sanitised cars, and home delivery and returns, this is one of the best car rental apps in the country. They also offer exclusive discounts for first-time users.

This is another car rental service that offers a stellar subscription service, and with its zero liability option, it is a clear winner. Not only this but annual insurance for the car that you hire or subscribe to is also included making the whole process hassle-free. It also gives you an option to switch cars.

Car rental app that has been running for 23 years, Carz On Rent is different than other as it majorly provided chauffeur driven rental cars. Not only do you not have to worry about procuring the car but also it comes with a chauffeur, making it a hassle-free experience like no other. It also offers services like airport transfers.

Since it is an international car rental app, Avis is a great option for not only self driven cars in India but also internationally. Apart from free car delivery, this car rental app also offers services like unlimited kilometres and complimentary wifi, and with an impressive fleet of cars, Avis is sure to win your heart. 

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