Winter Skin Care Routine: 5 Tips To Keep Your Skin Supple In The Cold Months

Winter demands some tweaks to your usual skin care routine. Keep these winter skin tips in mind for a supple and radiant glow

Published On Oct 18, 2022 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


Seasonal changes call for a revamped skin care regime that caters to different skin issues. One of the most brutal weather changes occurs when seasons shift from fall to winter. Cold breezy winds and scratchy winter wear can adversely impact our skin by robbing it of moisture and lustre. Winter skin care is a wonderful way to ensure your supple skin remains moisturised and glowing throughout the frigid months. The cold air can cause dry, flaky skin making it red and irritable.

Have you noticed your skin responding to changing seasons? Maintaining healthy skin in the winter is difficult if you have a busy schedule. The cold air outside and excess dry indoor heat can suck out moisture from your skin. This leaves your glowing supple skin looking a lot less radiant. And this applies not just to your face but parts like hands and feet that are regularly exposed to natural elements. Our easy winter skin care tips will ensure your skin looks healthy, even on days you don’t have the time to follow a routine.

When the temperatures dip, try this winter season skin care guide that will not take more than ten minutes.

5 Winter Skin Care Tips


Tempting as it sounds, going to bed with a dirty face is the biggest beauty mistake one can make. One of the best winter skin tips is to keep your skin free of dirt and debris by washing it with a hydrating cleanser. This ensures your pores are open and clean for any product that is applied after. Cleansing the skin improves the efficacy of products like moisturisers and boosts blood circulation in the skin.

If you want to know how to take care of your face in winter naturally, try to always use lukewarm water instead of hot. Hot steamy showers dry the skin and the immediate application of a moisturiser results in cracks and winter eczema. 


A winter skin care tip that works wonders for everybody is hydrating it. Every time you wash your face, hands or body, you strip the skin of its natural oils. These oils are essential to lock in moisture and it is important to replenish them. Using a hydrating water-based moisturiser, especially during winter, ensures your skin remains supple and breathable.

If you suffer from dry, flaky skin during the colder months, keep a travel-size moisturiser in your bag and use it on the go. It will hydrate parched skin and act as a protective barrier against dry cold winds. 


Winter skin care involves using products that are high in hyaluronic acid. It has amazing benefits and repairs damaged skin leaving you with a feeling of soft, supple skin. Another great skin care routine to adopt during the colder months is retinol. Pair it with a good SPF to smoothen flaky skin and plump dry patches. One of the best winter skin care tips to follow during the cold season is the use of sunscreen. Even on dark gloomy days, the skin is exposed to UV rays that can lead to pigmentation. A light mineral-based SPF regulates sebum flow and improves cell life by creating a protective barrier on the skin. 


Wondering how to care for your skin in winter? After a long and tiring day, you might not want to follow a full-blown skin care regime. So, follow the best winter skin tips that require zero effort and throw on a ready-to-wear mask! Low humidity and temperature levels can trigger a variety of skin problems. Try to use a clay and seaweed extract mask that calms itchy skin, draws out toxins and acts as a gentle exfoliant.

If using a scrub, try to be very gentle. Exfoliation as winter care for the face helps to remove dead cells but can also cause excessive dryness if used more than once a week. 


Do you want to know how to take care of skin in winter? Feed it inside out with nutritious food and use products that are free of paraben and sulphate. Winter skin care is incomplete without including Vitamin C in your beauty regime and diet. Using it topically helps combat harmful SPF rays, reduces skin pigmentation, boosts collagen production and ultimately gives a radiant glow.

Along with the use of topical products, follow a wholesome diet of foods rich in beta-carotene. They help cell renewal and leave your skin feeling as soft as butter. You can check out more home remedy skin care tips that include staples from your kitchen. 

Follow these five winter skin care tips to keep skin troubles at bay. They’re easy and quick and work wonders during the colder months. 

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