The Ultimate Guide To Boosting Collagen: Tips & Tricks

The most important ingredient for a plump, youthful look is collagen, and here are a few ways to help your skin boost collagen.

Published On May 29, 2024 | Updated On May 29, 2024


Whether you are 20 or 40, glowing, healthy skin is always desirable. But as we age, our skin starts getting line fines, and wrinkles and appears loose. One of the prominent factors for all these changes is the decrease in collagen, it starts decreasing in the early 20s and dramatically in the 40s. Collagen is a kind of protein that serves as one of the main building blocks for your bones, skin, hair, muscles etc. If you want to retain that youthful look, helping your skin boost collagen is one of the best ways. While there are many over-the-counter treatments that claim to help skin boost collagen, nothing beats a healthy diet, and thoughtful consumption of collagen-boosting foods.

Nutrient based diet

A diet rich in collagen-boosting nutrients is fundamental for healthy skin. You can add egg whites to your diet as they contain a large amount of proline, one of the amino acids necessary for collagen production. Getting enough vitamin C is also very important as it plays a crucial role in the production of pro-collagen. You can try a broiled grapefruit for breakfast, or add orange segments to a salad. Another one is garlic, which not only adds a flavour to your dish but also synthesises and prevents the breakdown of collagen, owing to it being rich in sulfur. We must not skip beans when talking about boosting collagen foods, these are high-protein foods that contain the amino acids necessary for collagen synthesis. Plus, many of them are rich in copper, another nutrient necessary for collagen production. Some other foods that increase the production of collagen are fish, chicken, tomato, guava, berries and leafy greens. Taking collagen-rich foods is the best way to boost collagen.

Keep hydrated

Adequate hydration is vital for maintaining skin elasticity. Drinking enough water is crucial for the body’s natural processes, including collagen production. We can support collagen production in our body by maintaining proper hydration. You can include some hydration foods such as watermelon, cucumber, spinach, Bell peppers and strawberries into your diet for an extra boost. Apart from this, hydration can help protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays. It can also help control oil production, reduce the likelihood of breakouts and also prevent dryness and flakiness. If you are wondering how to boost collagen, then keeping your skin hydrated is a must.

Collagen boosting supplements

Adding Collagen boosting supplements is the easiest and best way to improve collagen. These supplements typically contain collagen peptides that are easily absorbed by the body. However, these are also rich in other skin-enhancing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, and biotin, which are known to help improve skin health.  These not only give flawless skin but also promote hair growth by preventing follicle damage and reducing hair loss. Beyond aesthetics, collagen supplements also boost our overall health by supporting the attachment of our skin, bones, muscles, and tendons.

Note: If you suffer from any chronic health issues, we suggest consulting your general physician before getting started on supplements that help skin boost collagen.

Retinol boosts collagen

Retinol and retinoids, both derived from vitamin A, are known for their collagen-boosting properties. You can include a retinol-based product in your skincare routine that can stimulate collagen production, reduce fine lines, and improve overall skin texture making it the best way to boost collagen. As you start using these products, it's advisable to use them with a lower concentration and increase them with the passage of time, letting your skin adjust accordingly. Retinol can be found in various skin creams, lotions and serums. This is no less than a treat to your skin, as it exfoliates, prevents breakouts and reduces dark spots too.

Collagen mistakes to avoid

If you are scrolling through the best way to boost collagen, it is equally important to know what you should avoid to improve collagen production.

  1. Sun exposure: Avoid sun exposure as it is one of the worst enemies of collagen. Never forget to prepare your skin with broad-spectrum sunscreen.
  2. High sugar diet: This reduces the collagen reserves at a faster rate. Limit your consumption of added sugar, especially refined ones.
  3. Smoking: It is bad for nearly every part of your body, including collagen. So, if you love youthful skin, quit smoking.
  4. Alcohol: This dehydrates your body leading to dry and flaky skin. Excessive alcohol drinking rapidly depletes the regeneration cycle of your skin's collagen production. 
  5. Lack of sleep: Try to get eight hours of quality sleep every night, this allows your body to repair damaged collagen and prevents wrinkle formation.

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