The 2023 Party Season Is All About Accessorising

Accessories have always been a mainstay in NYE fashion briefs. But 2023 party season is calling on people to take it up a notch with the accessorising game and here's how to do it right!

Published On Dec 29, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


The 2023 party season has fallen on weekend. This means that you can have not one but two to three different scenes set up to bring in the new year. And with so many outfits lined up for the same, you've got get the accessories on point too. Fortunately for us, the year gone past has given us incredible accessory trends to take a cue from. From Y2K influencers to coquette fashion dictating how we do our hair, here's all you need to do to get accessorising right this NYE!

Big bows that take up half your hair length are a mainstay for Christmas time. But this coquette favourite is set to stay on till new years. Given that most of us have spent the past year growing out our hair, big bows will make a chic option to put it up so that you live it up on the dance floor without having hair all over your face!

'90s inspired headbands have been quite the rage on runways, red carpets and regular fashion. Riding the coattails of the ‘clean girl look’ the headband can help you wear your hair down without thinking that your look is “missing something”. Plus, versatile bold hues like black and brown will match your go-to LBDs. You can also go the OTT route and pair glitzy or metallic finishes to match your cocktail dresses just right.

If 2022 was the year of the hoops, 2023 belongs to chunky earlobe huggers. With gold and silver leading the pack, the heavier danglers are ideal to pair with your minimal ensembles. Inspired by '60s Hollywood starlets, channel your inner Audrey Hepburn while sipping on your G&Ts all night. 

Stacked rings have been around for a while. The trend keeps popping up whenever there's a resurgence of emo or early '90s goth-inspired fashion. 2023 saw an uptick in people wearing stacked rings owing to the rise of the ‘Tumblr aesthetic’ and turned out it looks good with party season outfits as well. 

Y2K has been one of the most influential trends this year and for the ones who're femme-inclined, that means lots of butterfly, pop-art and glitter inspired accessories to bask in. For your NYE outfits, bring shape and form to your frame with butterfly studded belts that look both fashionable and adorable at the same time. 

There's no reason to carry a big bag to your NYE party, unless you're headed straight to work on new year's day with a change of clothes handy! Mini bag, clutches, string pouches and even bucket bags will keep you company on your night out. 

Acrylic extensions are officially the honorary fashion accessory of 2023! NYE festivities call for bright colours, embellished designs, chrome finishes or even drilling in danglers to turn up the drama on new year's night!

Photo: /InstagramShanayakapoor02