Spirituality X Fashion: A Look Into The Biggest Style Trend Of 2024

From evil eye motifs to matching the colour of your fits to your manifestation goals, here's how spirituality has taken over fashion in 2024.

Published On Jan 23, 2024 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


If you've noticed an uptick in the number of reels about manifestations and Aquarius placements in your explore page, you're not alone. Spirituality, combined with increased self awareness and goals of self improvement, has evolved from being occasional indulgences to everyday routine. There'll be at least one member of your friend group who can read your birth chart accurately, while many put their ceramic bowl on full moon to replenish their jar of moon water. And as an industry that is known to infuse their aesthetics with the latest cultural trends, fashion has caught on. Yep, if you're into spirituality, you're going to be fashion favourite children in 2024!

Legendary fashion house Schiaparelli aren't the first ones to heavily sue the evil eye motif in their designs. From Chanel jewellery to Elie Saab dresses, you will find the evil eye in couches as well! The cultural and symbolic significance of the same points to warding off negative energy and protect the wearer from forces that might mean them harm. It's centuries-old and the fact that it's still relevant says something about the power that it holds. Nowadays, the symbol has found its way into contemporary fashion, with the iconic blue eye adapted and represented in versatile ways. Its also a mainstay with people who like to add a touch of mystique to their fashion collection.

Want to spot the ambitious one in your group? Look for a moonstone encrusted piece in the ring finger of the left arm. A strong proponent of hope that also brings healing to one's life, moonstone is extensively used by people who are trying to achieve feats out of the ordinary. Plus, its adularescence creates an interesting play of light and a gentle glow, adding an ethereal touch and making it a favourite among designers today.

To be honest, it isn't just moonstone that's taken over fashion recently. Gems and crystals are popping up everywhere, from Versace's runway features to Alexander McQueen's accessories. The idea is to blend your everyday ensemble with your self-growth goals. For instance, crystals like amethyst, obsidian, sugilite, selenite, and a few others are supposed to charged in the daylight. So having them on your person at all times during the day can make you feel safe, secure and of course, uber chic!

The concept of power dressing isn't a novel one in fashion. The idea that one is able to channel their status and authority through a sharp piece of suit is well documented. Which is why when fashion trends that give out ‘Dark feminine energy’ started to track, it was a no-brainer that the spiritual girls and gays are going to lead the charge. We're talking rich colour palettes like black, burgundy, and deep purple. Luxe fabrics such as velvet, lace, leather, and silk. Intricate embellishments like embroidery, lace details, studs, and dark jewellery. And statement accessories like chokers, oversized hats, and nouveau bows.

But, what exactly does the theme portray? In fashion, it represents an empowering expression of femininity that thrives on mysterious, bold, and intense. The inspiration lies in the duality of femininity, combining embracing strength, confidence, and independence with nurturing and caring sensibilities. Celebrities and influencers are also being more accepting of occult symbols like dark florals, and gothic influences.

In 2024, you're no longer wearing red because it's a trendy colour. You're wearing red because it signifies, and manifests, energy and passion. The monotone, or tone on tone, trend derives heavily from manifestation dressing. We have designers use blue to channel calmness and wisdom, green for growth and harmony, yellow for positivity and intellect, purple for spirituality and transformation and orange for creativity and warmth. So, whether you're into rich hues or soft pastels, it's time to align your wardrobe with your manifestation diary!

Photo: Instagram/Schiaparelli