Sobhita Dhulipala’s Best Fashion Moments In 'Made In Heaven' Season 2 That We Love

Here are the chic fashion picks in Tara's wardrobe from 'Made in Heaven' Season 2 that have us captivated.

Published On Sep 05, 2023 | Updated On Jul 08, 2024


The latest season of Amazon Prime Video's Made in Heaven is creating a buzz, with Tara Khanna's character, portrayed by Sobhita Dhulipala, stealing the spotlight. Tara's intricate persona goes beyond surface appearances, making it hard to look away from her polished charm. Her sophisticated lifestyle seamlessly matches her captivating fashion sense, appealing to women everywhere. Tara's complexity is skillfully portrayed by Sobhita Dhulipala, weaving a narrative where her outer beauty reflects her intricate layers. From the series' beginning, Tara's refined taste and vibrant lifestyle align perfectly with her wardrobe, drawing both admiration and envy.

Tara's on-screen style mirrors her personality: stylish, confident, and multifaceted. Her outfits reflect her journey, displaying her character's growth while retaining elegance. Each attire not only fits her surroundings but also expresses her emotions, aspirations, and development. Beyond her engaging storyline, Tara's wardrobe visually captivates viewers. Her clothing choices, from authoritative power suits to delicate dresses, provide sartorial inspiration. These choices narrate their own story, seamlessly intertwining with Made in Heaven Season 2's overarching plot.

Designer looks we'd like to steal from Tara's wardrobe

In a captivating moment from Made in Heaven Season 2, Tara wears a Varanasi silk brocade sari adorned with a floral wreath pattern. Her ensemble is completed with a molten gold silk brocade blouse, designed by Raw Mango. Tara exudes elegance and modern style, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary flair.
Designed by: Raw Mango

Tara graces the scene in a saree adorned with gold sequin motifs, radiating timeless charm. Paired with a matching gold blouse, her hair in a chic top knot, kohl-lined eyes, and exquisite earrings complete the look. Her elegance and sophistication are beautifully highlighted, creating a captivating presence.
Designed by: Manish Malhotra

Tara's presence is a visual delight as she dons a handwoven deep wine satin silk lehenga, beautifully matched with a wine-coloured top. Her side-swept hair adds an elegant touch, while oversized chandbalis and a bold statement kada complete her striking look. The ensemble effortlessly balances tradition and modernity, showcasing Tara's refined elegance and confident demeanour.
Designed by: Ekaya

In the iconic Buddhist wedding episode, Tara graces the spotlight in a sage green handwoven Silk Tissue Saree. The saree is a canvas of intricate floral motifs, intertwining with her presence seamlessly. As a delicate touch, the baby's breath adorns her hair, reminiscent of nature's elegance. Enhancing her ensemble, a silver chunky choker rests gracefully around her neck. 
Designed by: Shanti Banaras

Rocking a black blouse paired with a multi-binding skirt, Tara emanates a boss-girl vibe in Made in Heaven Season 2. Her ensemble is elevated by striking gold statement earrings, accentuating her powerful presence. With a determined expression, Tara embodies strength and confidence, capturing the essence of a true boss.
Designed by: Bodice

In a sad scene, Tara stood out in a Torani blush saree and Fizzy Goblet juttis. Her unkempt waves with the sublime saree resembled soft sunshine on a rainy day. Adding a touch of glam to the glum sequence, Tara wore solitaire studs and a pendant that shimmered amid the gloom, mirroring the hopeful dawn after a dark night.
Designed by: Torani

In the closing sequence of Season 2, Tara steals the spotlight in a sleek contemporary saree gown, undoubtedly the season's favourite fashion moment. The camera captures a mesmerising sight as the last shots merge into the moonlit signature structured palla. Tara's cheery dance embodies a powerful message as she moves towards her happily ever after, embracing solitude without a hint of loneliness.
Designed by: Amit Aggarwal

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